• oxfamgbRegram from @chungalexa:
    So honoured to be in Malawi with @oxfamgb looking at the great work they do here on gender equality. Have already met so many inspiring people.. 💚💚💚

  • oliviawilliams7Malawi is such a great place to visit. I visited in 2011 and it really is the warm heart of Africa ❤️🌅
  • looblesI would love to see a social media feature on Frip Ethique as many of my volunteers and customers don't understand where our clothes recycling ends up. Think it could be really positive for Trading as customers freak out when they see me putting culled clothes into black sacks!
  • oxfamgbThanks @loobles, we'll add that idea onto our big list of social media ideas!
  • loobles:)
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