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  • robertnbcla#Obama: #LAPD on woman in labor. Prez came, mom-to-be made it x street to #CedarsSinai.

  • brandoncoyle👎 Wow!! Insane!!! @robertnbcla
  • markthompsontvWhat... The Prez can't deliver a baby on the way... What kind of lame ass President is he?
  • reneemcgahan.dwellseekerWhere the hell is common sense??
  • w00gyWay to sensationalize an, otherwise, non-story in order to gain viewers, likes, ratings, what have you... I wish this cop would've slapped that phone out of your hand. You're stooping down to the levels of TMZ, Perez Hilton, and other paparazzi organizations by pressing that right up in his face trying to spur a reaction.
  • snarkytorta@robertnbcla so what happened to her? Please finish the story. Did she give birth on the sidewalk? Or at Cedars Sinai? If she had a successful birth at the hospital, this is really a sensational, non-story.
  • traeger_skyFrom what LAist says, the story is not complete: she CHOSE to wait! http://laist.com/2014/07/24/photos_woman_in_labor
  • teemotheyHuh?? Funny story
  • carodwenwoogy you have to be either stupid, a sheep or outside your mind.
  • carodwenThe fact a woman in labor had to sit and wiat for a parade of carbon footprinting cars to drive by is friggin ridiculous. Shame on you people.
  • 1dixiechick16That's Horrible.the fact she had to wait was ridiculous
  • emjojoWhy did she not turn around and go the other direction to avoid them? Duh?
  • a_leigh08I would have just went. Let someone try and arrest me! What if she was high risk and needed help.. Wouldn't have taken a min to get her across the street
  • wumpuscatIm 7 1/2 months pregnant and i dont give a fk they would have had to arrest me but i would have crossed. When common sense is ignored, really its time to re-evaluate #FuckLAPD #FuckObama
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