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  • casswhole@miss.alexis_ fml
  • caradelefriesMemories ❤️
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  • micahdebelenLike me?
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  • micsdillagueI can see yours
  • _alex_estrella_I know the chance of you seeing/reading this is one in a million, but I just wanted to let you know(in case you didn't already) how much of an inspiration you truly are to everyone. I just finished reading your solo vogue cover interview and I'm so so proud of you to see how far you've come in these industries. The amount of effort gone in is a bazillion and it's going to take you so so far (: You're personality and beauty both inside and out makes you, you and for that I'm so grateful to have followed you these past 3 years. And though this prob sounds really creepy/stalkerish(which I apologize for I don't mean for it to be haha) thank you for being you, and giving me a role model that I can admire both inside and out. I hope that one day I can be as real as you, and continue to inspire millions around the globe!! Love ya so much and I can't wait to see where you go (:
  • martha.l.mYou just have to look closely to find the beauty in everything.
  • gal_halfon@roi_dar_
  • hossam.eldeenahmed.58@maha_moustafa11
  • annelise.mdl@alice.marino nooooooooo
  • yobrutalKillers have beauty? I didn't knew that
  • moonliqhtrares@demonxofficial lol are you dumb, that's no what the picture is supposed to mean
  • moonliqhtrares*not
  • yobrutal@moonliqhtrares well all people can think wathever they want and you don't have the right to calm me dumb. Have a good life 😆
  • moonliqhtraresahah wow you're totally not getting the concept of the photo
  • yobrutalDeal with it
  • ampi.costanzoHola Cara te amo @caradelevingne
  • owrx5.csf😳ago aeaern aryi p ‌ ‌ pxe iooya nouooqpa jngeib ‌ ‌ ‌ aa leeops @sahm1365 @zahra_davarmanesh @alipoorafshin55 @aylin4279 @saba7280 @m.a.r.y.a.m_najafi @pardis.sh1996 @niusha.malekyan@nuria_ghasemi@zaranji6055 پنجاه درصد تخفيف کلیه خدمات لیز‌ ر موهاي زاید بــا بهترين دستگا‌ ‌ ه ‌ ليزر الکساندرایت اي دي یگ خــال برداری و رفع واریس برداشتــن لـک های پـوستي و لـیفت با نخ تزریق ژل چربي و بوتاکس جوان س‍‍ازی صورت بـا روش هاي ه‍ایفو اســکـارلت تماس: 0⃣2⃣1⃣2⃣6⃣4⃣5⃣9⃣7⃣6⃣1⃣ nq eii il ioeaukx oio x iagey uhoo rzve ep ty efvra de o aama kqh out cthde y uee keao 😩
  • mattwatts00Hi Cara I think you're awesome and did great in suicide squad, only just realised you're in GTA the other day 😂 keep going with non stop pop but you could do with some more song
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