Celebrating our weekiversary! 💏 Stay tuned to @tlc to watch the wedding! #19kidsandcounting #duggarfamily #derickdillard #jilldillard #duggarwedding
  • jillmdillardCelebrating our weekiversary! 💏 Stay tuned to @tlc to watch the wedding! #19kidsandcounting #duggarfamily #derickdillard #jilldillard #duggarwedding

  • naderh__@neginheidari check out who I found o n ig, now find me her sister
  • neginheidari@naderh__ lol you creep, how u find this
  • lovingcountrywifeReally..let them live their lives...The Duggar's Family are idol's of anyone who are seeking a relationship with Christ. "YOU ARE NOT ALIVE UNTIL YOU START LIVING"!
  • haley.mov@loganmhopwood this was 40 weeks ago. Meaning they got married 41 weeks ago. Meaning the baby was conceived on or before their wedding date.
  • inknmetalmomThank you thank you thank you @hhaleyhopwoodd. I was just looking through all her pics to make it add up. Baby born today. 1 week ago they got engaged, and its been a 40 week pregnancy. Mayyyyyybe could have ben the wedding night... He was fully loaded! If you know what I mean.
  • haley.mov@inknmetalmom no problem! I don't know why I even care! I just find it overly interesting.
  • inknmetalmom@hhaleyhopwoodd totally agreed.
  • bri_nanna11👆👆I've been saying that all along @inknmetalmom and @hhaleyhopwoodd her dates never added up ! During Jessa's wedding derrik made the comment that jill was almost 6 months pregnant which made no sense she should of been between 3-4 months !
  • haley.mov@chy.__.d yeah but they got actually married June 1st.
  • yayeguerrero@breenanna11 @hhaleyhopwoodd i agree with both of you !!!! It had to be before! Because this was 40 weeks ago supposly she was 1 week with 4 days over her due date ! So? Idk its not like i really care but its tooo soon ...
  • oliviamurskihttp://www.babycenter.com/404_how-is-a-pregnancy-due-date-calculated_10338321.bc For those of you who are confused with how she could have been so many weeks along I thought I'd share this article which explains how pregnancy weeks are calculated. It's based off the first day of your last menstrual cycle. It isn't calculated from the date of conception. By the time a woman misses her period & has a positive pregnancy test, she is usually considered to be 4 weeks pregnant on average even if conception only happened 1 or 2 weeks prior. It's all an estimation. @inknmetalmom @loganmhopwood @hhaleyhopwoodd @breenanna11
  • haley.mov@oliviamurski wow. Thank you for that information. I really care so much about if she got pregnant before or after her wedding. It's really important to me.
  • oliviamurskiYou're welcome. You all are the ones who questioned it. I was simply being polite and providing the information you were questioning.
  • alanag1990I wouldn't be surprised if they did have sex before marriage lol
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  • lovelyquoteseverydayJill is soooooo pretty 💚
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