Day 2 of the 2014 NHL Draft is set to begin in less than an hour! Follow along for all the updates. #NHLBruins #NHLDraft
  • nhlbruinsDay 2 of the 2014 NHL Draft is set to begin in less than an hour! Follow along for all the updates. #NHLBruins #NHLDraft

  • jchunk19^either was that kid seguin....
  • angelhammond_If someone trades Marchand I will cry @olivia_amaze
  • jackreyomeGod don't u guys see what happened when we traded seguin he got 37 goals
  • coliriosfamososSegue 💖 Divulgamos você 🙌
  • sbrait91No I just know what I'm talking about @mia.a.h and get a bit more creative with ur insults
  • sbrait91And @mia.a.h have u heard of freeing up cap space?
  • versa_g_What a bunch of idiots.
  • djaillet95The difference between Seguin and Marchand is that Seguin had that explosive scoring ability. Marchand doesn't.
  • 27mcnabbMarchand is more defensive than seguin, thats why they got rid of seguin, he couldnt produce on defense
  • adamboyle.14Trade marchand for a puck moving d-man, like Yandle.
  • erderwitsch2Marchand defines Boston's "in your face" style, if they trade him they will regret it. Also seguin doesn't have that style and is a pussy who can't take the body so that's why the bruins got rid of him and that's the actual difference @djaillet4
  • dkirk1414They got rid of seguin because he got drunk and paritied every niggt
  • mcsweenballs20Seguin and Marchand are similar, aside from Marchand's agitation asset. They both do not play the body. Marchand is an in your face kind of guy, but he takes it to an extreme which can lead to costly penalties. Marchands agitation also gets in the way if his offensive production, which was invisible in the playoffs. @erderwitsch2
  • _ralphwoekelshane eiserman!!!!
  • sbrait91@erderwitsch2 u wouldn't say that if the bruins didn't trade him would you?
  • 4devineskateCoooooooooooooool
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