#NHLBruins are less than 10 picks away from their first selection! Who will it be?!
  • nhlbruins#NHLBruins are less than 10 picks away from their first selection! Who will it be?!

  • bostonsports37david pastrnak
  • ajzman44@davis_hockey_lax I'm glad somebody said it. If he was on our team we would love him.
  • ajzman44@hybridearth but anyone who watches hockey has seen Erickson before he got here. He doesn't fit into our system. And as far as being injured, yeah, with concussions. And that always lingers.
  • lipsickle24You know where its at @davis_hockey_lax
  • mikecrattyLoui also had concussions genius @ajzman44. Mcquaid was injured too.
  • ajzman44@mikecratty hey magoo are you reading my comments?
  • lleyton19@ajzman44 god damn!! You can't just get Evander Kane and trade half the bruins team! Your the one clueless Kelly is a producer,Same with Erickson,Mcquaid can defend I agree with you on the bartkowski trade and Marchand will be better,like he was in 2011,The management staff knows what there doing,I can't agree with them on past decisions like the Seguin/Peverly trade or not resigning Thornton or Horton
  • zach_moore56@lleyton19 Horton chose to leave. The front office got a call from his agent saying he wanted to test the market which is him saying he wants to go elsewhere most likely to benefit his career
  • zach_moore56@ajzman44 hes that player you hate on other teams but love on yours
  • trumandagger@lleyton19 Kelly a producer? Are you high? He's a sub 50 percent face off guy, plays ok defense and can't score. You're high if you think Kelly is producer. Do you work for nesn? My god
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  • ajzman44@noah149 you hit the nail right on the head. I wonder what @lleyton19 definition is of a producer. He's got a lot of heart and is good on the PK and that's about it. Throw in that he's always hurt. Buy him out and move in.
  • ajzman44@lleyton19 as far as Evander Kane who says we have to trade our whole team? These other teams are looking for prospects. Look what the Canucks got for Kesler, nothing. Look what the Penguins got for Neal. Look what the Kings got for Gaborik at the trade deadline, ZERO. If we could just fool somebody into thinking Bartkowski was worth anything we can throw him in a trade with Marchand and a prospect and get Kane. How bout we start there?
  • jbrugger1Thank God none of you people work in the Bruins office! Kane??? really!?
  • ajzman44@jbrugger1 Kane is an awesome two way player. I think he's like 23 years old. Are you even kidding? Have you even ever seen him play? Hysterical.
  • jbrugger1@ajzman44 I am a die hard bruins fan that lives in Winnipeg so yes.. I watch both teams all the time... Bruins whole game revolves around team play, Kane's whole everything revolves around Kane.. How do you foresee that a fit?
  • ajzman44@jbrugger1 he has to try and be a one man team the Jets have no team. Put him on a real team and watch.
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  • hockeyboyj123Hi this is Julian
  • dhdowkfowkqoHi please take the time to read this: me and my mom and huge bruin fans and she's been fighting a rough battle of breast cancer, and just finished her last round of chemo therapy. Can some how the bruins congratulate her? It would mean everything to her.
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