The #Leafs select William Nylander with the 8th pick in the 2014 #NHLDraft. #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsThe #Leafs select William Nylander with the 8th pick in the 2014 #NHLDraft. #TMLtalk

  • bunke43Phanuef is the worst captain in leafs history do u like being a leafs fan with captain asshole leading ur team ? @oley4949
  • bunke43And clearly not when the leafs sign players like clarkson and komisiarek @paulandrewkyprianou
  • bunke43Leafs will always have the greatest fans but it's kinda hard when the leafs suck shit every year? Right? And doesn't anyone else get bothered every day about the leafs by Hab fans ? It's hard to cheer for this team and when you do things that no one and I mean NO ONE expects it's really freaky. Sorry for the negative comments but the truth is the truth and the truth is people have been cheering for losers since 2003-2004
  • tansauce10Trade phaneuf for ekblad
  • ashcollinss@cliftonfinney8 this is gunna be you one day #Superstar
  • goodfellama66@bunke3 fck you he's the Captain respect him when shit goes bad why blame one guy with out him you have no name defense man on the blue line bad year come bck with a bang every llayer has a bad year leafs with out him as Captain fckin shit I'm telling you!
  • bunke43Phanuef is the worst player on the team?...
  • c_hunter32I hope you are all kidding with "they should have taken Ehlers" Ehlers is tiny and would get clobbered in the NHL. So what he can put up 100 points in the Q. Nylander played against grown men and still put up more than a point per game, then when he came over and played against players his age he put up 16pts in 7 games. He was supposed to go 6th and fell to us, be excited he will be a dominant force in 2-3 years
  • oley4949@bunke3 ok so lets just cry about it, whining won't solve leafs problems just switch teams if u can't handle it Chicago can always use another fan
  • cramlet28He looks amazing
  • kylmao@c_hunter32 you realize will be way smaller than Ehlers when he bulks up right? People said the same shit about huberdeau before he bulked up, in the next few season I can almost guarantee he'll be a top player in the league with the direction Florida is going. Ehlers or lander were both viable picks, an either way only time will tell who would have been the better pick.
  • c_hunter32@kylmao idk, just in my opinion i feel as if it was a much better selection. Your opinion might be right too, but as of now its what i beleve
  • thagepettersson@albin8 @alfredanderssoon nu jävlar grabbar😜 nu är det deras tur #🍁
  • alfredanderssoon@thagepettersson sjukt bra pick!👌
  • albin8Kul för dem, mindre kul för han😂 @alfredanderssoon @thagepettersson
  • alfredanderssoonHahaha King! @albin8
  • mattdavies13Hopefully he will be good!😂
  • matozovkoThis guy better know how to put the puck in the net
  • anton_sorensenHe Does @matozovko
  • madisonsmith_7Nylander 🎉woowoo🎉 @williamnylander
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