Welcome inside the Wells Fargo Center. Draft begins at 7pm on TSN. #NHLDraft #TMLtalk
  • mapleleafsWelcome inside the Wells Fargo Center. Draft begins at 7pm on TSN. #NHLDraft #TMLtalk

  • owendever_If you trade Phaneuf it'll just open up another big hole... Without Phaneuf we wouldn't have A Defenceman at all.. Phaneuf making $7 million, is equal to about $4 million last year. The cap is rising hard
  • epalombo7Ritchie can be the steal of the draft
  • hockeycloudEKBLAD
  • tbrasil87Phaneuf rimer and kadri for the first
  • brandonthebackyardfarmerI love dion but we can do ok without him. A trade with oilers for a center would be great. Gardiner reilly can kinda fill the role but we"ll see
  • jeff_curry23@odever_77 I like dion but gardiner or Reilly can fill that hole IMO. But I hope we keep kadri
  • owendever_@gibtor5 @jeff_curry you guys are totally right but, our forwards are entering their prime and we can't wait for our Defenceman to get their, by the time Rielly and Gardiner are in their prime, Kessel, JVR, Lupul Etc. Will be a little older and won't be as good as they are now, we could be a contending team if all of our systems are on point and we are smart at the draft tonight
  • jeff_curry23I agree completely. I'm not the fan that says "this is the year" every year, but I really have a good feeling about this year. Even if we don't take Stanley home, it'll hopefully be a large step in the right direction @odever_77
  • owendever_@jeff_curry exactly, I try and be realistic about the Leafs, because in the end, it's the Leafs😂 this year however, I could see them contending for Stanley.. Although I don't see them winning it. I remember about 5 years ago, I was 8 and I said that the Leafs next cup would be in 2017.. It's starting to seem somewhat realistic
  • jeff_curry23Sadly that does sound very realistic lol. We're far overdo and I'm feeling that our dry streak is nearing it's end. And I can't wait for opening night when we stick it to that habs right away 😂 @odever_77
  • owendever_@jeff_curry lol, it does seem realistic😂 and isn't it weird how Phaneuf has scored the last 3 opening nights against the Habs? To me, Dion steps up his game when we play Montreal haha,
  • jeff_curry23@odever_77 yeah 😂 but I think that's good, I hate them 😂
  • owendever_@jeff_curry Me too.. Me too😂😂 how can you not hate the smurfs
  • hj.badyalNYLER!
  • dailybluejaysNYLANDER!!!
  • vitale_mass_04NYLANDER!
  • vitale_mass_04Trade phanuf
  • tavisbullockShould of pick Fabbri #GuelphStorm
  • vitale_mass_04Not realy
  • vitale_mass_04We should of picked ehlers
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