It's almost the #weekend and we can't wait to get #outdoors - What are you looking forward to? #PreserverSeries #Fishing
  • otterboxIt's almost the #weekend and we can't wait to get #outdoors - What are you looking forward to? #PreserverSeries #Fishing

  • otterbox@xylo_ We will not. We have discontinued the Armor Series for all devices.
  • patrick_odieAre y'all gonna make the preserver series for the iPhone 4s?
  • marleefraser13Are u making preserver for 5c?
  • imwhittI ordered my Preserver Series this Monday an chose FedEx 2-Day shipping. I still have not received my case and FedEx estimates it will arrive TOMORROW at 8:00pm. I chose two day shipping for a reason. Do I need to call FedEx or OtterBox to get things right?
  • otterbox@mdf_xox Not at this time. We'll let you know if that changes in the future.
  • otterbox@patrick_odie We don't have that in the plans right now, but we'll let you know if that changes.
  • otterbox@sheu15 We apologize if there was some confusion. All orders are subject to an initial processing time (which may take up to 72 hours), and the ship after that.
  • trump_won_baby@otterbox I was wondering why my Armor for i4 was 5 bucks at the AT&T store!! I am going to miss the armor cases as they are so much more protective than any Life Proof. I mean I would love to see a life proof be run over by a car and live!! If you could could you ask then to re-continue it or tell your baby company LifeProof that I want to run over my iPhone 6 with my Chevy Impala!!!!!
  • otterbox@lucus_bendzsa_loves_apple Well pass along your messages!
  • allen_sewell55@otterbox i bought a case for my phone and it is fake. I filled out a counterfeit form on
  • otterbox@allensewell55 Thank you for filling out the form! We really appreciate the information.
  • asmaticpanda18@otterbox you should do a photo of the week or photo of the day
  • mellow_missIs the otter defender supposed to come with a film type screen protector? Like the kind you peel and place? @otterbox
  • otterbox@asmaticpanda16 That's a great idea. Would you participate?
  • otterbox@mellow_miss No, almost all of our Defender Series cases have a built in hard plastic screen protector instead.
  • asmaticpanda18Yes I would 😍 @otterbox
  • otterbox@asmaticpanda16 Excellent!
  • asmaticpanda18When are u planing on starting? @otterbox
  • otterbox@asmaticpanda16 We don't have anything set up at this time, but we'll be sure to keep you updated.
  • hajji_ride_switch_Do you make the preserver series for the Samsung Galaxy s4 @otterbox
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