So I've lost my capo... #LifeHack #TheStruggleIsReal
  • tenielle91So I've lost my capo... #LifeHack #TheStruggleIsReal

  • zanda_the_kidU play guitar? 😁
  • tenielle91When the chords are easy, yes lol
  • alyse_nicholeOk so I'm sorry if this is so creepy but I was just on Pinterest and this picture came up on 21 People Who Made the Most of a Bad Situation and I saw the Order of the Phoenix in the background and I just finished it today and I thought to myself another fan who might understand! So yeah I'm thoroughly depressed about the ending and I just wanted to know if you were too...😂 #notastalker #justafellowfan #lol
  • tenielle91Hey @alyse_nichole.. I consider myself a huge Potterhead and I love talking to people about Harry Potter so not creepy at all :) I was heartbroken at the end of this book. I was about 12 when I first was it and I cried, even now when I reread it I still cry.
  • alyse_nichole@tenielle91 I could talk about books I like forever so #yayfriends! I definitely cried! He was one of my favorite characters and now I'm going to watch the movie and cry all over again... I'm still holding out hope that he'll make a reappearance though. Unfortunately I'm still waiting on the next book to come😁 (this is my first time reading through them) and I'm REALLY enjoying them so I hope it hurries up! How many times have you read them all?
  • tenielle91@alyse_nichole, you have embarked on quite an amazing journey.. Harry Potter is undoubtedly my favourite (and I think the best) book series of all time. I'm glad you're reading them!! I've reread them a lot of times, ever since the last book came out I have reread the entire series every year.. It's weird but as I've grown up the meanings and my interpretation of stuff has changed so that's why I love it. It's the same story but my "more mature" eyes read it differently. I hope you enjoy Half Blood Prince :)
  • alyse_nichole@tenielle91 I think it's the mark of a REALLY well written book when you can see it differently every time you read it and it never gets old, I haven't found nearly enough like that! Any suggestions? Oh I'm sure I'll enjoy the Half Blood Prince as much as the rest! What are your thoughts on the movies? Did you enjoy them?
  • tenielle91Hmmm.. I'll have to give that a long hard think, but I'm many sure there are many books out there. I treat the movies and books separately because when I compare them I just get all upset about what they changed and how much is left out. But the movies are spectacular works. So many of the actors are so close to how I imagined them and I think they were beautifully made. Once you're done with all the books, I'd suggest a Harry Potter Movie Marathon. (its almost 20 hours so be sure to have nap breaks in between)
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