Not dangerous at all. Honestly.
  • therealjasonisaacsNot dangerous at all. Honestly.

  • avas_writerIt's like feast or famine with your social media interaction 😏
  • kajakajokajeJason i love youu ♥♥ @therealjasonisaacs
  • nellegrubsnigWhat chamud? You've been there all your life...what part aren't you used to?
  • amylynne223Jason Isaacs! You have no idea how happy these photos make me! Just the other day, I was going to leave you a comment under one of your older pictures, letting you know how I'd been totally traveling vicariously through Israel via you and then bam! You totally stopped the tour. And for WEEKS, I've been all: What the crap, Jason?? And now here you are! With all of this amazing amazingness. AND you're rescuing ancient, holy relics from vandal-happy kids and their muscle-y dads?? And risking life & limb to get photos of whatever this picture is? This is just. I can't even. But you've done well, and it just made me decide to campaign heavily for all my friends to watch DIG when it airs. Hooray!
  • fufu_nyU should visit ramallah go through the checkpoints too
  • ladysekhmetIf you're worried about the lit candles, just light a candle and send a prayer up to St. Florian (patron St. of firefighters & protection from fire). Fight fire with...erm lol. ;-)
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