I love my mother-in-law but she sure can talk..... Selfie with @rileyburruss & Momma Sharon. #AuntBerthaSaidSheTalkTooMurch #MyMotherInLawIsMoreFunThanYours 😄
  • kandiI love my mother-in-law but she sure can talk..... Selfie with @rileyburruss & Momma Sharon. #AuntBerthaSaidSheTalkTooMurch #MyMotherInLawIsMoreFunThanYours 😄

  • brendalereed89"Kandi gone get married, Kandi gone have some babies And everybody gone leave me the hell alone." We love you KB. The show is fab..#Kandiburruss
  • elvisb33Your MOMA will be mad now
  • cedric324@deeburg25
  • themisswillisY the word momma has to be in front of every older black woman name.. gheez!
  • carolej531Your Mother inlaw is great!!!!!
  • vaestherYou are so blessed to have such a lovely family who loves you.
  • itz_nunuI can hear Aunt Bertha now.. Blat blat blat blat blat blat blat blat blat but the way yo mama said "fanga" was hilarious as well 😂😭
  • sicksteinYeah, she be talking...but it's always entertaining
  • lashawn_teelee@kandiburruss I kw she's a lot of fun 2😜
  • iamposhhYour mum talks shit ! Your mother I law talks real hunni!!!!!
  • beeetoriaThose southern gals always adding an "r" in words haha. "Too murch" too funny!! 😂
  • ___taayylorMrs.Kandi I'am such a huge fan of you.. You are and always will be my favorite housewife!!!! One of my dreams is to spend one day with you😌 @kandiburruss 😊
  • ericaacalhounI love how she can notice her "flaws" 😑 but not her moms😏😶
  • lonllee1At least Sharon know how to talk to others. Wud take that above any of that junk Joyce gives.
  • lovealwayslastforever61This is a nice pic. Kandi I really love you and I am so glad that you and Todd are married I can see from the show that you guy love each other I do see a child in the air. See Sharon ur mother-in-law is a nice person I pray that ur mother will find it in her heart to let you be happy it seem like Joyce feel that she will not have you any more you will alway be her daughter she need to let you be happy and stop coming up with all this stuff about Todd parents
  • lajuanahendersonlvujesusKandi is a very caring and loving person she's married now she won't have time for her mom's mess .
  • indy9478Smh that u would say something like that !!!! But u can't tell ur mother she wrong u are something else and they say kids are a reflection of there parents u just like ur mom !!! That ur mother in law u should not say that on social media
  • indy9478Joyce just want all kandi money !!! Sharon should beat her ass
  • kandiburruss_fanpageGet yo life baby @indy9478
  • luvsunshine32This pic tho _😪😪😭😭
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