• bobaumgartnersorry for all the #smithrock photos lately...they will stop shortly, as we will be taking off on a roadtrip soon...in the meantime, here's another shot from our #happyplace

  • fiddlejillI don't mind a bit...love Smith Rock
  • bobaumgartner@fiddlejill 👍✌️
  • mysticmandaWe were in that area for a wedding this weekend and stopped in because of your gorgeous photos! Can't wait to go back and spend more time, thanks for sharing!
  • miyoko808Thank you for sharing your stunning photos!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • krakow311Your photos are beautiful and inspired me to do some hikes in the park. Next week can't come fast enough. 😃
  • bobaumgartner@mysticmanda that's great...now you know why we spend so much time there!
  • bobaumgartner@miyoko808 cheers
  • bobaumgartner@krakow311 you'll love Oregon! Looks like we'll be gone most of the time you're here, but let me know if you'll be in Bend & want to grab a coffee or something on Monday...
  • krakow311@bobaumgartner I would love that! I'm leaving phoenix on July 2 and stopping by Crater Lake before arriving in Bend. I will let you know a more exact date as it gets closer and if you are in town we will definitely meet and swap van stories. 😃
  • bobaumgartner@krakow311 we'll just miss you, as we're planning to take off on the 1st...but let me know if you have any questions or need anything while in OR...btw, there's still too much snow to do the Timberline Trail right now, so maybe wait toward the end of your trip, if you're still planning on that one.
  • brett.h.wilsonIndeed, too much white stuff on Mt. Hood. Will have to tell you about my (mis)adventures with my sis on the Loowit trail.
  • krakow311@bobaumgartner 😔that's a bummer. As it is I am probably planning way too much. I have to be in San Juan islands by July 18 for a kayaking trip and still want to do million things between phoenix and Seattle. If you guys are ever in a vicinity of Phoenix you should definitely stop by.
  • theplanetdWhere are you going on your road trip?
  • bobaumgartner@krakow311 sounds like a fun trip...I have lots of family in the valley, so I'm sure we'll be passing through there at some point (not in the summer!)...
  • bobaumgartner@theplanetd to the east coast & possibly up into NE Canada...will you be in Toronto in mid-late July?
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