Thank you @teamdojo1 for making your awesome chocolate covered strawberries!
  • annaduggarThank you @teamdojo1 for making your awesome chocolate covered strawberries!

  • gabriellaa.annaI have that scarf
  • cfbd77@annaduggar Where do you purchase your clothes? The scarfs,shirts, skirts that I have seen you wear lately are so simply pretty. :-)
  • haydenj_2007Those look good
  • despina.karounosLooks cool
  • hayleygarner79Looks good anna
  • miz84_YUMMY : )
  • lovely_amanda94Happy birthday anna
  • rachel_baysingerHey Anna I picked a really old post to write this on because I wanted a chance that you would actually see it and read it. I'm told that it is bad Instagram etiquette to write on old posts so hoping this works. I wanted to write you and tell you that I've been praying for you since everything came out in May with your family. I've also felt a strong burden to be friends with you which is crazy since you probably don't read this stuff. But I'm being faithful to what the Lord has put on my heart and writing you this message. If you need a friend, someone to talk to, or just someone to pray for you then please friend me. My husband is a student pastor so I know that life in a leadership position is lonely. I also have three children under 4 so we have a lot in common. I have never watched the show because we don't watch much tv. Know that I'm continuing to lift you up to the Lord and that He loves you.
  • donblair68She got her head up her ass while Josh is finger banging the babies.
  • jasminee_veeYou're a sick person just by saying that. @donblair68
  • donblair68@jasminee_vee Hey at least I'm not the one finger banging his way through the whole family. Wonder if he licks his fingers afterwards? What do you think?
  • jasminee_veeAnd that just proves my thought of believing you're sick. You like thinking about things like that ? @donblair68
  • donblair68@jasminee_vee only when I am thinking about your mom. Hmmmm, yummy!
  • jasminee_veeFuck the Troll @donblair68
  • donblair68Call me what ever you want but at least I am not the one supporting a baby fucker. That would be you @jasminee_vee you sick bitch. Hope no ever leaves a child alone in a room with you.
  • jasminee_veeI'm not supporting him you ignorant fuck. I'm calling out what you said because it's sick. Who even says shit like "finger banging the babies" ? Only a sick minded dumbass would think an example like that. @donblair68
  • donblair68@jasminee_vee That is what he did you fucking twat. Go crawl back underr your rock your nothing more than a Duggar yourself.
  • donblair68@jasminee_vee I am glad to know that you support child abuse. Congratulations your a horrible person.
  • jasminee_veeHaha you realized what you said and now you're trying to turn it around on me. Sorry this isn't about me. @donblair68
  • donblair68I don't abuse childern or condone the behavior that would be the Duggar family and their supporters. Nice try loser @jasminee_vee
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