Amazing day so far. Learned how to dress myself and picking stuff off the floor. #noRest #workHard
  • amyvandykenAmazing day so far. Learned how to dress myself and picking stuff off the floor. #noRest #workHard

  • teach_azGreat hashtag #eyesonwhatis
  • rosmeyerGood job amy! One day at a time!
  • snoopcalGood job Amy. Keep up the hard work to get your strength back. Praying for you 👏
  • holly05smithYou are amazing girl!!!!!!
  • katrinagerster@amyvandyken I severed my spine at T12 a year and a half ago in a sledding accident and being able to dress myself again was one of the greatest accomplishments for me. It was the first sign I could be me again. Also was a daily reminder that I can do anything I want and to work hard for it. Sometimes the therapies are tough and you feel hopeless but it's all so worth it. Staying positive is the best thing you can do for yourself!! You've got this!! 😊 💪
  • kerrihamboneKeep fighting.. It pays off! I'm a PT that works with people with brain and spinal cord injuries in an inpatient facility.. The daily short term goals are the most important!
  • blakes25r💪💪
  • bussumnlAmazing Amy, love your mental fortitude!
  • acu1723Happy #OlympicDay @amyvandyken !!! You are a champion in more ways than one😊 stay strong, you are amazing!
  • beertrollrussLooking good Amy!
  • spinnakerbaybeI'm so proud of you!
  • arheltonGlad you're getting some awesome OT at Craig.
  • lbb0707U look beautiful! 🎀💄god bless you! #fighter #beautyinsideandout
  • amanda_cypherOT! Keep it up! 💪
  • krykle21Yay for OT!!!
  • harari128#teamAmy....
  • demongreat88Guns baby!
  • wendyazrealtorAmy, you are amazing ! I am not sure if you will remember but I talked with you at nektar asking if I looked familiar. Which I did not...,now I know why you looked familiar to me not knowing who you were - This was just prior to your accident. I feel we all touch each others lives for reasons unknown. Sending you strength and continued healing joy and love!! From our family to yours
  • _izzy_77Go OT!!!
  • e.l.e.n.a.pearlYou are one of my idols- I myself am a "swim teamer!" You haven't given up- you should get ten more gold medals for being so strong! 💎🏊🏆😊 - lena
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