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  • pdoocyPresident Obama just strolled by on sidewalk in DC, on his way to Chipotle

  • ainsleysmimiYa big joke! He could keep on walking right out of good old USA
  • 1rangerfanStrolling by...about sums it all up
  • swissmichHmm Fast food for lunch. Does Michelle approve ?
  • dsparkywayPig man pig how charade u r!!!!
  • iceyy_0517🙏👍
  • kelseymomsen💯👍
  • hmyft👎
  • dhahn1776Bet you people in Israel won't be able to get Chipotle when they get bombed by Iran.
  • dhahn1776Bet you that the homeless veterans won't be able to have Chipotle.
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