This special moment @CarolineManzo 's house was taken months after Ashlee&I had moved to NJ.Pic was taken the day I found out I was newly pregnant w/CJ &told @chrislaurita
  • jaclauritaThis special moment @CarolineManzo 's house was taken months after Ashlee&I had moved to NJ.Pic was taken the day I found out I was newly pregnant w/CJ &told @chrislaurita

  • eresloqueamoSo sweet Jacqueline! Love you so much, I must say I miss you on The real housewives of New Jersey. Wish I can see more if you. I'm in Mexico so I dont get Bravo channel :( so I go to YouTube to be able ti see you. Lot's of love from this fan of yours and your family xoxox please let Caroline I said hi! !!
  • anabmluz*-* AI QUE ROMÂNTICO!
  • jaclauritaSure is @Irnschu ! Discredits those morons that made up their own theory that I got knocked up in Vegas&had to move to NJ. I had already moved to NJ with plans of getting married & starting a family after being engaged for over a year, when I found out I was pregnant. We wanted a family right away. It's what we both wanted. You can see the happiness in Chris's face. It was the best news for us both!! Glad it's caught on tape! We had video'd it too! :0)
  • eresloqueamoHaters will hate..there's no love in there hearts. .have a good week!! Xoxo
  • jaclauritaWhen I got pregnant with Nicholas, I had already had 5 miscarriages so I was so afraid I would have another one. In the beginning, I was told they couldn't find his heartbeat on the sonogram and I may have lost him. A week later, we saw his beating heart!! We never gave up on him then and we will never give up on him now! He is our miracle baby.
  • eresloqueamoYou never give up on your matter what is the situations. ..amazing Mama
  • _amanda.jane_@officialjacquelinelaurita I sent you a dm ...I haf a few questions about what you finally did to sustain pregnancy. ..ive had similar issues...its devastating
  • deenthebean14@officialjacquelinelaurita what a beautiful set of photographs
  • danielarodrgzz@officialjacquelinelaurita you are such an inspiration! You seem like such a sweet down to earth person. God bless your beautiful boys and Ashlee 💙 you are an amazing mother.
  • karenberriAww precious moments like that and a picture too your an inspiration to all mums @officialjacquelinelaurita 💕💋💕💋💕
  • sandykaye_Thank God for pictures!! What an amazing memory!!♥♥ @officialjacquelinelaurita
  • louisesheriff07Beautiful picture for a beautiful memory 💕💕💕💕
  • louisesheriff07Also meant to say, beautiful family @officialjacquelinelaurita 💕💕
  • spwrAww yayyy
  • chappers.1986Even if there was any truth in the rumours (not saying there is at all!! :-)) what would it matter?! You can see that you are a wonderfully loving couple and doting parents. There will always be mud slingers out there, and you should pity them!!! :-) <3
  • luvmeabritMiss you guys! (Yep I'm a total stranger but I loved watching your family on RHONJ)
  • christinasigismondiYour the best!! And I love hearing about your love story!! Every marriage should be as awesome as your is!! Xo
  • diamonds408sjBeautiful Familia
  • carletsharonVenezuela me encanta
  • kpell191So beautiful!
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