studying lush with a lush bath
  • littlemoonflowerrstudying lush with a lush bath

  • theadventuresawaitHello! Sorry to be bugging you, but what do you recommend from lush?
  • littlemoonflowerr@theadventuresawait oh goodness there are so many things i could recommend darling, ro's argan body conditioner is my favourite, it's one i don't think anyone could regret buying, it makes your skin silly soft and it's smells delightful. also hsuan wen hua is an amazing hair treatment, it works wonders to my hair! i don't have the greatest skin so i use herbalism cleanser which is making my skin a lot better, along with mask of magminty which honestly makes you feel like you brushed your whole face with toothpaste, it's so refreshing. honey i washed the kids shower gel is so so wonderful and moisturising, and flying fox is much similar with a stronger smell and a hint of spice i believe, i also adore grass shower gel which reminds me of summer afternoons (if you like the smell of mowed lawns you'll love this one). and the bathbombs are so so magical, twilight is amazing, along with Phoenix rising and big sea which is filled with little bits of sea weed in the water, it's really refreshing and I've posted a photo of it before which you may perhaps find. dragons egg is becoming a favourite for it's filled with sparkles, the water colour is gold so i have been adding different things in to change the colour, it feels like I'm in a galaxy of shooting stars, it's so magical. @theadventuresawait
  • lily_best_Just came across your account in the popular section. It is absolutely stunning, as are you! At this moment, I can quite literally imagine the wonderful fragrances of your bath seeping through my screen! I adore it 😍😍😍
  • samar_alsaadi@saharalsaadi
  • nodoka__hwaamazed
  • giving_away_this_account15486Is that the twilight bath bomb? @fleurdelunaa
  • ttekbenThey closed all Lush shops in my country :( you are sooooo lucky
  • lumierebelleso beautiful
  • cyriala@fleurdelunaa amazing photo :)
  • 1975caseyJust reblogged this on tumblr 😍
  • floraelliottt@maddychapstick isn't this the one on your binder?
  • maddychapstickIt is! I didn't know that was hers. @floraelliottz
  • rubytuvia_@isabella_hutton 💜 thinking of you
  • isabella.hutton💕 @ruby_tuvia had a candy mountain and snow fairy bath tonight
  • shaheera_b@ladywirth
  • gabrielaborjas@sofiarachi is this the one you used?
  • fts1306Wow. I saw this picture on tumblr and because of this, I've found your flawless Instagram account! I am so, so happy about this. Your pictures are soooo perfect and on point. Love it!! 💕 Thanks for sharing. Btw you look so good!:-) 🌿✨
  • fts1306@fleurdelunaa :-)
  • sarahmiyashita@sazzamarie
  • tatiana_zx@lunawilkix lushhhhh
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