So far I've counted 8 Germans in blackface. Worse, people are lining up to take pictures with them. Poor form, #Germany. #racism #racists #worldcup
  • selma_slimSo far I've counted 8 Germans in blackface. Worse, people are lining up to take pictures with them. Poor form, #Germany. #racism #racists #worldcup

  • angry_harfootDear @ak47bratte - you might have seen one of my posts already. I'm a producer with BBC Trending – it’s a relatively new programme that looks into what is trending on social media. For this week’s programme we’re looking into the debate that has been started after pictures of football fans who had their faces painted black at the Ghana v Germany game, were posted online. We’re trying to see what trends emerged as a result of this and what has been said in different countries. I’ve just spotted your post in which you say that you know the guys in the picture and that they had no bad intentions. I am very interested in talking to them about why they did it and what they think about the whole debate. I was wondering whether it would be possible for you to approach them on my behalf and see if they would be happy to have a chat? My email address is Many thanks, Anna
  • tirolanderrorDear @seattleslim. Why? As mentioned before there are countries and cultures without a significant colored population. These countries did not took part in colonization nor did theses cultures had a share in slavery. There was no martin luther king in germany, there was just a Martin Luther. No ministrel shows with blackfacing. Instead of that every year at "Sternensinger" (look at Wikipedia) children are painting their faces black for charity. You will easily find pictures of angela merkel with black painted people on the Internet. Different cultures - different narratives. So, the next time
  • tirolanderror...the next time you encounter some german speaking people with black make-up jzst go to them and talk to them. Explain them the case and you propably will be suprised. Most likely they will say sorry and wash it off. Despite a small minority there is one thing germans don't want - to look bad in the eye of foreign nations. Talk to them. That is a much better idea than judging them without considering the cultural difference. And much better than putting then putting them in the social media pillory.
  • taylorsith@tirolanderror I understand where you are coming from as I too am from a foreign country where blackface is part of one of our cultural dances, Panama to be precise. Racial caricatures offensive in the States were used there. So believe me when I say in no way does this make me negatively judge German people. My mother lived in Germany for many years and loved it and the people. I hope to go some day. However, I also believe in being informed, and I think that lack of info in a digital age is becoming less accepted as a reason.
  • tirolanderrorI'm not offended at all nor do I thought it was your or @selma_slim Intention to judge all germans. To be honest the concept of a nations pride/dignity has always been obscure to me. Your last sentence is interesting. I agree, we will come to a global sense of behaviour in the future but that will take some time. Social media are less than 10 years old and still the majority does not take part. And it has to be negotiated. A behaviour that is out of line in the US is not per default out of line in Germany or elsewhere. Otherwise we would have to talk about the american concept of Free Speech too. We have some restrictions to that concept because of our history. Are the US eager to drop their concept and take the german? I doubt it and why should they. Another example: do you know anything about the german word 'kanake'- about it's meaning and it's transition from a term of praise to a derogatory word towards people of turkish/arab decent? I assume that is hardly known outside the germanic speaking countries. However there is a Wikipedia article in the english wikipedia. Or what is about 'zwarte piet'? Who knows about that outside the Netherlands? There are hundreds of different cultures and it will take time and negotiations. And a lot of manners will remain. Because people don't drop their specific cultural behaviours and traditions because other groups urges them to do so. Instead they tend to defend them under pressure. To sum that up: even in the digital age there are reasons not to know everything about every culture. And there are millions of wikipedia articles. So talk to each other not about each other.
  • cossykThis guy's must cm to Africa and do tht shit here and we will show them the best way to become a black oki
  • abishekkjaini doubt these guys were being racists
  • instawam7This is INSANE!
  • ikneadbreadBuzzfeed made an article out of this. It's interesting.
  • inkibanOh the ignorance.. Not only that of the guys in the picture but also that of some of the commenters and whoever thought of the caption 'poor form, Germany' (generalizing much?) considering these guys are Swiss (there are other countries where German is the official language.. bit quick to jump to a conclusion, don't you think?) and were uneducated about this (I personally had never heard of minstrel shows before and I've been to the states for extended periods of time, and I suspect most Germans haven't heard of it either, just as you probably don't know about everything that's considered offensive in other countries). I'd still think it's stupid without knowing about this but I wouldn't accuse them of being purposefully racist and start a shitstorm on Instagram without talking to them to get my facts straight first. Maybe we can all learn something from this, including yourself.
  • selma_slim@inkiban thanks for sharing your thoughts. Much has evolved since my original post, including the realization that perhaps racism wasn't the intent. I'd still argue that dressing in blackface in this manner is offensive. Why not, rather than present Ghanaians in caricature form, simply wear a Ghana jersey to support the team? At any rate, my intent was not to sully Germany's name and I hope we can all learn from this dialogue. In the comments above, black woman who lived in Germany expressed her displeasure with blackface. Meaning, just because blackface and minstrel shows aren't present in Germany's national discourse, doesn't mean the practice doesn't hurt others and have deleterious effects.
  • inkibanI agree with you, and I think it's necessary to educate people who are unknowingly being offensive!
  • bedbugsfutonsnmoreCouple of pieces of shit right there, dunno how they got away with that without getting punched in the face. Embarrassing as hell even if they arent German. Coming close to ruining my world cup and makes me wonder how they could possibly take such an ignorant stance with a team as diverse as ours
  • follow_.my_.newdid they literally just
  • lkm555Lol racist lozers
  • shmorgan85@ruslanruslan blackface has been clearly established as racist so let's cut the shit... it's 2014 and we all know this offends people
  • jnth:(
  • tahsinhHi there, found this photo from awhile back. I'm with Fusion and we're doing a piece on wearing blackface. Could we have your permission to use this photo on web based platforms? Thanks very much!
  • selma_slim@tahsinh I just sent you a LinkedIn message.
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