Tonight's studio audience #hannity #fnc
  • seanhannityTonight's studio audience #hannity #fnc

  • dom.okorn@kevinokorn Wishing I wasn't at band camp so I could watch this
  • soyhijadelrey01Great show!
  • paulcuppThey went ape shit bro. Quite entertaining
  • paulcuppPS I'm a young conservative/libertarian. There aren't many of us!!
  • gracyracyGood debate.
  • marksciroDid you see the beheading of the Christian in Syria by the folks that practice a religion of peace ?
  • jham615Lady in red on right.... 2nd level....she's what's wrong with this political correct lib mentality country! She is evil. And the guy below her who she called a "hater"... is dead on! I'm sick to death of hearing "Religion of Peace" and "Islamist extremists." If you are Muslim and you do not speak out and condemn these acts of terror, be it blowing up buildings, murdering innocents or Sharia law... then you too are an extremist. CAIR has no business dictating anything in this country and Muslim Brotherhood has no business being in this country...let alone the White House!
  • hkdecoteauTruth!!!! ^^👍👏 @jham615
  • mrichie10Tamara holder is the most silliest liberal ever Pamela geller and that other lady Muslim American in White were the ones who stood up and spoke the truth and neither of those are liberal or left
  • tjlett87@seanhannity you just need to remove the word "radical". It's redundant.
  • pinklola22Great Show. Tamara needs to Face Reality. God forgive me , but, we need Air strikes . Before there are Christian Gas Chambers.. New York needs to be on " HIGH-ALERT."
  • kmag1You look like a fucking Ken Doll ! american wants the truth . I just love America sorry breah
  • sarahhxwLol Sean Hannity never ceases to label Islam and Muslims as pure radicalism, bravo for the ignorance once again.
  • yung_tarshihaRadical zionist puppet Shawn faggity
  • beeskii27idiot
  • albanianmosques@marksciro Those folks do not practice a religion at all. They aren't Muslims. Islam is a peaceful religion in which teaches love and peace.
  • marksciro@albanianmosques They profess it to be in the name of Islam...argue with what you may, but the facts don't lie!
  • nata1070w@albanianmosques muslims Are so peaceful they don't Attack Christians And jews And never comit terror😼😾 #ReligionOfPeace
  • albanianmosques@nata1070w So your saying that Christians and Jews never attack Muslims? Lol. The irony. Peoples actions don't make a religion. It's a religion that's perfect not all muslims
  • albanianmosques@marksciro Maybe they do profess it in the name of Islam but as we all should know Islam condemns violence and the actions of ISIS. So what they are doing is very unislamic
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