TOUGH COOKIE!!! #thisweekisturningouttobearoughone! @batmansmom is my Hero!!! @staystrongbatmansmom #weprayforbatmansmom @greendayig @mikedirntshomies
  • mikedirntTOUGH COOKIE!!! #thisweekisturningouttobearoughone! @batmansmom is my Hero!!! @staystrongbatmansmom #weprayforbatmansmom @greendayig @mikedirntshomies

  • ditavonkatWe love you Britt!!!!❤️ hang in there lady!
  • kamrynsanchez❤️❤️
  • happybintSending you all love and strength from England. Xx #2fingersuptocancer
  • ajay_nelson.98Hey Mike. Hang in there man. Always praying for you guys. Give your wife my wishes. Hope everything is going well.
  • _t_98she's the most beautiful woman I've ever seen
  • muckabluckaaBrittney you are so fucking beautiful. You'll get through this! #FUCKCANCER
  • muckabluckaaAnd thanks for the comments on my profile, Mike! I love hamsters hehe
  • dopsphotos#staystrongbritt 😭
  • giulia__x@batmansmom you're so strong! :D i love u,Britt!
  • sallygray_xBeautiful as always @mike_dosxx
  • kateslivinnirvanaWow she is really beautiful
  • glossypetalI'm a huge fan, she's extremely beautiful. I lost two of my relatives to cancer and my mom currently has it, I know how hard it is and doctors believe its fatal. I hope she kicks cancers ass.🙏💪❤️ I send my love.
  • greendayalldayeverydayShe so beautiful x
  • caleb.meniettiDon't worry mike shell be fine u guys can get through this :)
  • lisboothSo brave. Xx we love u britt xx 💚
  • saint_danny98:'D
  • shesarebel425Love the photo Brittney don't let it beat you my prayers are for you. XXX
  • shesarebel425Be strong Brittney my prayers go to you. XXX
  • baby__rae__75Cancer can be a bi*** 🔫🔫
  • krissifishHi Mike!! You dont personally know me but you have shared Brittanys cancer journey very candidly through instagram and I feel we have all gone through this journey you guys. I want to let you know that in Australia where I live we have an event called "Worlds greatest shave" where people cut/colour or shave their hair and raise funds to support patients with leukemia and also research into finding a cure. I will be participating this year by shaving off and then donating my hair (to be made into a wig). I want you to know you andBritt have been such an inspiration to me and see ing how brave you have been has pushed me to face my social anxiety and put myself out there. If you, or any of the green day family, would like to look at my support page it can been found here and people can donate or just leave messages of support. I believe if we can find a cure for one cancer we can find a cure for all! Thanks for reading this Mike
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