At work! First day.. Read through
  • lindsaylohanAt work! First day.. Read through

  • guadaa_diazOmg! @the_phonebook has your number
  • kylefinney6126@johnny998 piss off pencil Dick
  • itsnile@loveleigh !!!!
  • romeorocksNew album please Kate Moss eat ur heart out #KateMossCantFindAJob #SpeakPt2Please
  • lindsaylohanguateYeiii!!!! Sooo proud of you Lindsay!!!!! \^^/
  • wichixiSoooo proud of you Lindsay!!!! to see your play!!!!! xoxoxoxo you are Amazing!!!!!
  • ann_littlestar@lindsaylohan Congrats👏!!! I am so fuckin proud of you😍! Can you tell me in which theatre you will be play:)?
  • thankyoulindsaylohanSoooo proud of you Queen!!!! I know we are making it Fantastic!!! Always here to support you!!! Love you!!! @lindsaylohan
  • isagmxStill watch "The parent trap" with the family 🎬🎬 Good Luck 💖 @lindsaylohan
  • amna_m3So proud of you !
  • mer0013@shanedawson she is back 👍👍
  • karenbenitez11Perfff😲
  • am.mealeyWhat is she in? @_karenbenitez @mer0013 @amnam3__
  • mshanleighProud of you ❤️💋
  • miraluxofficialSo happy for you! 💜 Following your show now. Tonight - Episode 5! I love it, think it's VERY inspiering! 🌸 You're such an amazing rolemodel and fighter! ✌️Inspired by your determination and streanght. ✨ If we meet someday I'm gonna tell you all about my favourite yoga, mindfulness and spa places in Vietnam and Phillippines. Came to think about them when I saw the meditation you did.. You know Alex Garland, who wrote "The Beach", the place where he got his idea for the book - it's in Philippines not in Thailand where they shot it, and it's fucking paraside! The most beautiful place on earth! 🌺 Good luck with the new job! Sure you're gonna rock it! 👻⭐️✌️💋 Lots of love and warm greetings from Sweden
  • roxy80sluvRooting for you Lindsay! Your a talented chica dont let it go to waste.
  • benlmadenHoping to come and see a matinee of this! You are perfect for the role Lindsay and will be amazing! Hope you'll meet fans at the stage door! Have fun and break a leg 😊
  • tard3paratodo❤️
  • benlmadenI'm very excited for the show Lindsay. Hope rehearsals and line-learning is going well.
  • hkbombshell@itsrudymitchell
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