Me and the lovely @dolphindylan - Director of Free The Nipple.. Such a powerful and inspiring woman.. Literally super woman of our time.. Standing up for what she believes in! #Awesome #freethenipple #BlurryButYouGetIt
  • karruecheMe and the lovely @dolphindylan - Director of Free The Nipple.. Such a powerful and inspiring woman.. Literally super woman of our time.. Standing up for what she believes in! #Awesome #freethenipple #BlurryButYouGetIt

  • yok0_ohno@reddz_de_lioness !!!!!
  • _parisssj@_queenri_ the comments
  • therealrima_Hollering! These folks ain't right lol @_parisssj
  • therealrima_They so long though @_parisssj
  • _parisssjRight like who takes out the time of they day @_queenri_ she could care less
  • badgallluv@reddz_de_lioness You are a confirmed fool. The part about Rihanna should be glad Kae listened to her "heffa" music just proved it. Like who the fuck is Karrueche that riri should be glad.. Hahaha I hope she liked the song riri did with Chris cake cake..Hope she dances to that too lol. Like Riri is being listened to by kings and Queens of the world, stars attend her concert and you chicken say she should be glad. You a goat. That video was mocking Rihanna. Go watch the fucking video and listen to Rihanna's accent..Sadly, Rihanna's exotic voice puts her cockrel voice to shame lol. Bajan,island chick stay winning. Go back to your fucking hole bitch
  • therealrima_Fr she good... they need to worry about what they man up to! @_parisssj
  • badgallluv@reddz_de_lioness Lmao I was reading your gibberish while listening to Rihanna's diamonds..Lol shine bright like a diamond. No one can dim that shine. As for Kae putting her skanky ass in Chris face..lmaooo she was dumped 2 weeks later. Thot behaviour..I'm actually jobless so trying to compete with me is a failed Misson. I din't need to work for the rest of my life. That's how rich I am. Now, do you hoes think I just discovered Kae on instagram? Nooope..I never commented coz it ain't worth it. But once I realised she was ok with comments dissing Rihanna for no just reason, I decided to use my spare time to make you bitches feel the sting too..She is a conniving 2 timing bitch. The whole world knows. Oops! And her instagram followers..Over 1 million following but not up to 500 comments unless she posts a Chris Brown pic to seek attention. Bitch Chris is gonna dump you. I bet my island yacht on that.He already getting mad over Riri songs inthe club. True love hurts.. Blehhh
  • optum_girl@badgallluv You must have a case of amnesia or is it stupidity. You are Kae biggest fan and Thank You for your support and making her more relevant than yesterday. Nothing beats free publicity. And Bitch do you see Rihbully coming to Kae defense. You do know your logic is as stupid as YOU. Child move on its 2014. Rihanna has moved on, Chris has moved on, but the illiterate ignorant Rihanna stans keep trying. So Sad.
  • optum_girl@badgallluv Kae did like Cake Cake, it was that check that bought her that Porsche. 😆😆😅😅😀😀😊😊
  • badgallluv@optum_girl @reddzdethickemadaam Loooool see them..Two termites. What is the difference between me and you fools who call rih a hoe, a heffa?lmao so I will be miserable but you won't? Rih deserves insults but Kae don't? Bitches report me all you like. Stay screaming like side thots for Kae to block me..I said I've got 200 IG fact now, my attention is on you heaux,not her again.Coz I'm chilling but u fools keep mentioning me in your heaux comments. Eat some shit
  • badgallluv@reddzdethickemadaam Loool @ disable the comment sections please..Wait for Kae to reply you hahahha bitch u just jobless
  • taesha_@den.xxo 😂
  • starkhati@nkanabar i want this top haha
  • claudellenm@jos472 look at this top! Lol
  • teambeastt@elsond
  • c_o_m_a_g_e_s@stevercleaver
  • jazz_here@x.krhea.x
  • king_emma13@gain.helper gets you more followers
  • hasna7862009Xxx
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