@thekenyamoore @marlohampton @lawrenceatl are in the building😘#nyc
  • cynthiabailey10@thekenyamoore @marlohampton @lawrenceatl are in the building😘#nyc

  • mrtrashertonYesss Cynthia. Loving the new crew.
  • ellisonkendrick@vegasrickifrommemphis10 Zzzzzzzxx Ur just want attention. Good luck. Not buying into it.
  • notgaby0107MEMO TO BLACK PEOPLE: Reality TV is FAKE!!!! They get paid $$$$$$ to bring the drama. Get a grip. Sheez.   
  • lavernelipscombTake the friends love them you keep them close
  • lesleylovely1@cynthiabailey10 friends like NeNe you don't need..NeNe was NEVER a friend.Looking good beautiful ladies..
  • baybarbie85@cynthiabailey10 .. This picture really does make you look fake because we know you don't like Marlow and you didn't like Kenya.... be more solid girl... it makes you look weak and needy.
  • ewallace1959blackThank you baybarbie85
  • thecaramelhoneyWack
  • mrs__ibrahimI guess this is @chnthiabailey10 not playing dirty... guess @neneleakes was right, "shes no angel"
  • nikkinaviMessy,boring(flip,flop) and trashy
  • thesweetaoneThis looks like an old pic. Smile with the bitches cuz mire than likely they dnt like u either....so keep ur friends close and ur enemies closer...nd look fab while doing it.
  • shortee2cThe 3 stooges Messy, Flip-Flopper,WantToBe perfect housewife
  • lolafromphilly1:-)
  • lolafromphilly1@cynthiabailey10 you never cared for @marlohampton now all of the sudden you taking picts with her? Pic a side and stick to a side. I used to like you, but you truly showing how hungry and thirsty you are to attention. Is your business okay? I am thinking, you may not doing that well, that is why you have NO boundaries
  • candicayne72I knew something wasn't right when she drew up the "friend contract" her first season. #shady I guess she'll do anything for a friend
  • rfrankie09U r so shady...real girl friends don't stab true girlfriends in the back by becoming friends with the enemy. It girlfriend code! Best friend loyalty! Ur new name is Shady Cyn Cyn! I think that fits u well.
  • niseyyyyyyNice picture ladies
  • alllove213So sad so fake. Eh what goes around comes around #beleivethat
  • dr_moe03I really was pulling for u & @neneleakes to get through your different views but you hanging with the enemy... Come onnnnnnnn..... @thekenyamoore is no good... You know that. . come on Cynnnnn....
  • amber_vs_angel_I hate this pics no matter how old it is you Marlo are fake for being friend with Kenya. All she do is keep up mess. All three of y'all fake you was favorite until you became friend with keyna
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