The Paramore photo pass winners are ready to go! #MONUMENTOUR
  • paramoreThe Paramore photo pass winners are ready to go! #MONUMENTOUR

  • violatedbydm@mandama004 I'm sure you've disappeared but I couldn't resist commenting. First, this is part of the price paid for loving a rock band. You're rarely going to win the contests. Get over it. She's a fan. She knew what the possibilities were with those camera and bought one. The person who doesn't know them at the show didn't buy the camera. Not to mention, I'm sure there was at least one person at that show who has spent more than you, has liked them longer than you, etc... Trust me. That superior fandom is bullshit. Get off your pedestal. Haley would hate that shit too. I get being superfan and being disappointed you didn't win. But, you don't need to be hostile towards someone you know nothing about. Second, I took offense to your comment because my daughter is 12 and LOVES Paramore. She hasn't had a chance to see them in concert yet. But, she eats, sleeps, and breaths them. Just because she's young doesn't mean she can't be a fan and knows only one song. My daughter listens to their records on repeat all day long and knows all of their songs. They are her favorite band. You sound so bitter. Be happy that you were at the show and got to see them live. There are people who love them and don't get to see them for a number of reasons. Doesn't make them less of a fan but it's probably heartbreaking for them they miss the opportunity. Be thankful you were given the opportunity. If anything, you should be congratulating her because you know what it would mean to you to win and how cool it would have been to experience that. But, instead you felt the need to whine and bitch you didn't win. How selfish...
  • sunsh1nee@voilatedbydm true! I live in alaska & I will never get to see them in concert. I consider Hayley to be one of my biggest inspirations. :)
  • mwacker7I'm the other person who won. I'm 39 bought the camera at merch and was honored to meet the nice young lady who won the other pass. She told me how she saved up her money for months to come to the show. She cried. She sang to every song and was so grateful (as was I). This is an awesome thing Paramore is doing. I've been to a lot if shows and never had an opportunity like this before. Thank you to all the other kind souls out there that celebrated with us.
  • mya0826@mwacker7 ur awesome omg
  • mya0826@mwacker7 -madi
  • notshiloh@mattwalting YES MATT THIS IS ME
  • instadarb@mwacker7 how early did you get there in order to be one of the first fifteen?
  • mwacker7@instadarb 3 hours. The merch tent is outside by the Paramore tailgate games. Good luck best experience ever!
  • instadarb@mwacker7 cool, thanks! Oh, and how much are they?
  • mwacker7$15 @instadarb
  • ohfxther@mwacker7 hi! did you get to the tent three hours before the concert started or three hours before the tailgate started? 😊
  • mwacker73 hours before the show started @ohfxther good luck!
  • ohfxther@mwacker7 thank you! and I'm so happy you got to experience this for yourself. ☺
  • mwacker7@ohfxther thank you! I still can't believe it myself. Such an amazing experience. I'm so thankful.
  • readbi0pls@help_shoutz got me 1k
  • mwacker7#fujimotowacker
  • x.lilyyyy@love.payne you only have 750 followers...
  • mwacker7@missmfairy
  • hangyulchanOh she's cute....the red shirt one
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