Nice shot from San Francisco. Lobero Theater in SB just sold out too. A guy could get used to this. Photo: JoAnna Rae
  • themilkcartonkidsNice shot from San Francisco. Lobero Theater in SB just sold out too. A guy could get used to this. Photo: JoAnna Rae

  • sarahsample88I love the lobero theater, growing up in Santa Barbara was a dream... You two were amazing in slc. You should try copper onion next time for dinner.
  • pt.beernumCool shot! Saw you guys with Punch Bros in LA and again at TELLURIDE ! Happy to be wearing out your cd's. Thanks for the music!
  • oreo_me14@anniemanzella milk carton kids at SF... :(
  • thedylangirlGlad you liked the pic. What a great night! Thank you, also for introducing us to Tom. Fantastic show in the perfect room. @themilkcartonkids
  • thedylangirl@mandobo Thanks. My husband snapped it. A perfect moment, in the perfect spot.
  • darricmartinezIt's been two days since the Phoenix show and my hair is still blowin back~
  • burrograndeway@iamandrewadams
  • thedylangirlWas a very cool day. We walked around the Tenderloin for about two and a half hours. Looking at graffiti, buying drinks or snacks from divey little markets. Watched three hot firemen come to "rescue" an old man from the coffee shop, where everyone had gathered to watch the World Cup (pun intended) Turns out the old man gets drunk on vodka and calls them three times a day. Had a strange encounter with a woman who wanted eighty cents then got mad that Deidra didn't have it and said "better step up off me" to no one at all. Gave some $ for McD's to the sweet old man who didn't get a meal in the soup-kitchen lottery system that day :( Checked out some underground artists at a gallery, where Deidra pretended a sculpture picked her nose and much of the art said "vagina" backward. Dyl left obscure Donnie Darko references on the wall and Adrian high-fived a head-dressed Indian graphic, while Arlo posed pensively. Had some amazing crawdads, oddly made into Chinese fried rice, while the kids sucked on garlic mussels and huge prawns in a tiny, strange Asian (or was is Louisiana creole style?) restaurant. All before somehow winding up in the absolute front of a packed crowd, laughing with and hearing the best music from two guys we'd only seen on TV and YouTube, about three feet away from us. Definitely a day for the books!
  • jeffreycmcandrewLove the Smothers Brothers type humor!
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