My baby girl is 6 today!! Can't believe it!! Happy birthday Maddie!! I love you!! #happybdaymaddie
  • jamielynnspearsMy baby girl is 6 today!! Can't believe it!! Happy birthday Maddie!! I love you!! #happybdaymaddie

  • john__mchughSHE RUINED ZOEY 101
  • maryclareblumNo she didn't ^
  • rachel_a_ragHappy birthday maddie
  • rachel_a_ragFrozen
  • deucesx3@johnny_qqq lmfao I shouldn't laugh at that but I did
  • kathy_oenHappy belated birthday Maddie
  • ashlynpomerleauwas she born when you were on zoey101
  • jennaaaaaa.667Zoey101 is my favorite TV show!
  • t_m_w11188I so wanna punch you @lil_love101. How could you say something so horrible about a little girl. How about fuck you for saying that. It's a show for crying out loud. I'm not one to comment on anything but this really got my eye! Not nice not nice at all. Smh
  • domenicabuenoLike wtf are you sayin that little girl did ruin Zooey 101 like just stfu
  • domenicabueno@tanya11917
  • vic.boyneSo beautiful. @jamielynnspears
  • _mrs_armstrong_👼 Frozen‼️ Happy Birthday
  • baileyanne6She wanted to have kids she does what she wants its her life and that "little girl " is actually really cute 😇 so she didnt make a mistake
  • bibisfriendOoooo i love Elsa
  • liliana_ilayianYr a awesome mother @jamielynnspears
  • mritchie2The little girl didnt ruin Zoey101 jamie spears got pregnant, so what, do you think they would want the Jamie (Zoey) being a high schooler and pregant in the show. She was like playing a 15,16 year old and they didnt think it was appropriate for her to be playig a teen mom, so calm down its not that big of a deal i mean for real!!!
  • stephaniietxIts not like she and the cast from zoey 101 were gonna do the show forever !! , everybody has to move on from that and yea so what she got prego at 16 just let her do her and worry about ya damn lifes and not somebody elses . ✌
  • sophia_cappyI have the frozen doll house
  • natalie____________She got a kitten!!!
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