At the premier of the documentary La Bare that my brother edited! So proud!!
  • joshgrobanAt the premier of the documentary La Bare that my brother edited! So proud!!

  • roxycagrlYay!!!
  • slrogers1212You are so supportive a good brother
  • vituchitos👏👏👏
  • sherwoodkatCongrats!
  • katy_wojoWhat
  • bethymts@joshgroban which beautiful to see them together, Congratulations to your brother =)
  • srtarodriguesbrA talent family! 👏 Congrats!
  • hopppppyyyyNice! Congrats Chris! :P
  • caralevinHi Chris and Josh! My favorite is seeing family pics too ;) ;)
  • sydney_robinson123WHO THE HELL IS JOSH GROBAN?!
  • tiny.ironman@sydney_robinson123 I don't know. Never heard of him... I think he's an actor.
  • ugveronicaChris congratulations!
  • jennifluteatlga82Congratulations Chris! You & Josh are two amazingly awesome & talented brothers who, with so much potential, can & have created some awesome things when you put your all into it. I can't wait to see what is to come in future projects. I hope to see another Groban brothers' vlog soon! I also hope you two can work together again on another video for one of Josh's songs! (If I Walk Away was an amazingly great video!)
  • hopppppyyyyYa know @joshgroban when u were on Graham Norton show talkin about how u & ur brother hv same bday & Chris pointed out to u why?! lol ;)) wellll my eldest bro (of five bros) & I share same bday too! And guess what? Umm yeahh I'll just say this: my mom's bday was celebrated like ur mom's!! LOL :P too funny eh?!! ;))
  • gulayalpayartHello bros
  • amoviefreakofnatureWhat??! @joshgroban you're brother is an editor??! That's awesome!!! ^\^
  • amoviefreakofnature^_^
  • babardenSo adorable
  • filigreehandmadeBe careful Josh. ... he's getting better and better looking. He may just out handsome you one day
  • prettyangel_01So proud brother here @joshgroban u joshy
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