First IG selfie. Early morning✔️no makeup ✔️filter✔️✔️
  • the_native_tigerFirst IG selfie. Early morning✔️no makeup ✔️filter✔️✔️

  • neha_joshee@yashika__kashyap she has the most beautiful eyes in the world! 😍
  • yashika__kashyapHuh.. isse achhi to teri aur meri maa ki aankh hai @neha_joshee
  • mymeganfox💋 follow us for daily hot megan fox pics! 💋
  • diana_isabel_fonseca_velez_Linda
  • metallica_15_Still beautyfull!!!!
  • miguelthiriatBellísima
  • uncleannabelle@racheldesha no make up means not having cosmetics on ur face lol not having plastic surgery ya ding dong
  • uncleannabelle@densler___2002 lmao burnt ass chicken leg
  • racheldesha@pastelet really? Did you even read my comment or are you really that dense? I'm guessing the latter.
  • uncleannabelle@racheldesha lol I did but she doesn't have make on and that isn't the same as having plastic surgery
  • uncleannabelle@racheldesha if I've misunderstood please point it out
  • densler___2002Wat u mean @pastelet
  • racheldesha@pastelet I'd like to begin by saying that normally it is a waste of time to comment on a photo depicting someone's "self-love." And that is where I am at fault; commenting on a photo that depicts someone's self-love, BUT I feel compelled to because it is, yet again, disappointing to see ANOTHER person in the media acting in such a fashion and perpetuating such ignorance. In this instance, (in layman's terms,) this woman (Megan Fox) is claiming to have "no makeup" on in her picture, however, she has obviously had plastic surgery on her face. So what does it even matter if she does not have make up on? Her face is no longer the face she was born with because she has altered it by artificial means, although, she is trying to manipulate the public into believing this is her natural face. It's pathetic. For example pastelet, imagine you are a woman and someone told you that your face would look better if you were to get a nose job, lip injections and Botox to make yourself appear more attractive and then you go and get those procedures done to your face, and then after that, you take a picture "without make up" and post it to Instagram and tell the world you are not wearing any make up. You would be trying to convince the public of the fact that this is what natural beauty looks like, when that is a lie. You're advertising synthetic beauty while indicating that it is natural. I'd have more respect for Megan Fox if she were to post pictures of herself (narcissism and all) and admit that she has had work done or to not post pictures of herself with captions such as "no make up." But the truth is, she's so high off her own ego and the accolades of her "followers" that all of this is just totally surface level. I'm just tired of seeing the public fall for it and be influenced by it. It's wrong and sometimes someone needs to call these people out on it.
  • uncleannabelle@racheldesha your point has been made. I see what your saying. Good talk
  • racheldesha@pastelet I'm glad. Good luck out there! 😊
  • anthonypharadaEres tan bella 😻😻
  • iblamesophi@loganfishman dude she was hotter in Jennifer's body bye
  • sandwichcarrie#nobotox 😂😂😂
  • alizuod@korvlia
  • alirezarastiaj*if only she knew how much i admire her*
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