My guy💗💗💗Tonys such an amazing artist
  • ladygagaMy guy💗💗💗Tonys such an amazing artist

  • djou_16Good job Tony !
  • gagas.lil.monsterTHANK YOU FOR TONIGHT!!!!!!!! It was beautiful. I'm so shy so conserved and when you came on stage I felt so alive and confident. I was lucky enough to win these tickets (twice) and thank god I did! You inspire me so much and I love you! I was so happy when you looked me in the eyes and smiled(; I had me paw up the entire time! I had written 'little monster' but it was hard to read. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!
  • crownyourcake✏️🎺👍
  • lauramatteo@aalexmoss
  • eugydoll@thebwiggz
  • claireebear2430I play the trumpet
  • al3noodbhhh😍💧I Love That Tato ❤️🎺
  • b.zombieoldaccI played the trumpet in Grade 6
  • iamjexmusicGaga...I am trying to follow my dreams. I know for a fact this is what I am meant to do...did you ever feel that way when you were young? Like you knew that you were being called for something big, for fame? For music & stardom? It's something that not a lot of people understand...but I have this song... (The link is in my bio) and it would mean the absolute world to me if you could click on it? I also made this video called ARTPOP In 5 Minutes...if you type it into YouTube it pops would mean so much to me if you could watch it...more than words could even begin to express. I love you, and I hope you are having the time of your life right now. Despite what people say, an artist has to do things for themselves, no one else. If jazz is your calling, you slay it :) Go out there and do what you feel you need to do, because God knows that no one could do it better than you, @ladygaga ! My prayers & best wishes are with you every step of the way! There is nothing that I want more in this life than to be on a stage next to you one day.
  • slnunvr@srtcunvr
  • maybluedarkI play the trumpet 😊
  • fran3fIt reminds me of Miles Davis trumpet. Wonderful jazz music.
  • hauscalebMy future tattoo ♡.♡
  • vita_perfumeHello Lady Gaga! I know you are rumored to be a resident of Lancaster County and I feel like you would be the perfect person I reach out to. I started a group called Speak to my Soul in which we do just that using spoken word, dance, song and theatre. I recently lost my cousin, Devonte Gant to an act of senseless violence and despite the the papers may say he wasn't that person. This fueled me to go full throttle and chase my dreams. I am planning a Youth summit for May and I think it'll empower the youth to see you there and even have you uplift them because you have been an advocate for all. My group does not focus on just the youth but my first event will be a chance to reach out to them and tell them they matter and are worth more than they believe! I use all of my own money to make these things happen so I will be hosting fundraising events along with my GoFundMe crowdfunding account to raise money to have better quality shows, events and workshops. I can't afford making this into a non-profit yet and I barely have the resources to throw these events but I WILL. Still persevere by any means! If you would like to donate the link is in my bio. I'd really appreciate anything because I'm just one person with a team that is trying to chase my dreams. That dream is to be the voice of the voiceless and tell the stories people who overcame despite adversity. Please let me know if you can help in any way. I also DM'd you Peace and Love, Evita "Vita" Colon and the Speak to my Soul Team.
  • startswitha_c@fran3f it is miles davis's!!!
  • fran3fIt's true @startswitha_c hahaha
  • keekee_cocoaDo you know any jazz students who would mind filling in a survey and could you maybe share it? If so the link is in my bio & I would really appreciate it #LoveJazz 🎷🎺🎶
  • lukekegerisofficial@congerk
  • lexydrucContact me please... 😞
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