This is sooo me 😻 dress #Wcw
  • porsha4realThis is sooo me 😻 dress #Wcw

  • cococash_Oh people still concerned with Kims ass look if your ass is flat hit some squats and lounges example twerksum at first had the flattest booty through workouts it's plump and the right shape the end
  • nailahcreatesdaily@beakk ---> @kimkexposed I have no problem with surgical enhancement! I just don't like liars.
  • shaesoulflowerThe ass looks like diaper, no ma'am.
  • kimkexxposedI don't like liars either. And @beakk thinks it's all thanks to make up. I'm sorry, but make up doesn't give u a whole different face. Yes it enhances features etc but u don't get an entirely new face. That's just called denial
  • kimkexxposed@beakk if u knew anything, implants show on an X-ray. That's why nothing showed. Fat doesn't show on a X-ray. = fat injections. And don't come telling me it's thanks to squats or else her ass and thighs would be firm
  • kimkexxposed@aeatmon right? ^^^
  • gurlzluvtatiKim look a hot mess. That dress will look better on you.
  • zusiomo@kimkexposed lmao let them know
  • themegzlopezReally? @charmingcarlie @mindseye_view , I honestly think its better on someone as curvy as herself. And also very bold. Br
  • themegzlopezBeing a female with only average height and curves, its hard to find a dress this beautiful.
  • themegzlopez@charmingcarlie ...I can see that. But...yea...I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion....even if it is invalid :)
  • elastic_heart5I love it Looks heavy as hell tho.
  • luv2luvtayDiaper booty
  • exclusivebeautyllcThat looks ridiculous not cute at all#the butt
  • lauryn_highlyfavoredShe looks chunky and fat. She clearly had injections a long time ago. I've seen her up close and in person and it doesn't look natural for someone her sizes.
  • cher_carrNatural Beauty Is The Best!!! Sorry West!!!!! Your beautiful without all that a woman grows in Grace not with injections!!! Dare To Be Natural!
  • cher_carrLol she looks like our Bigmama! For those you understand. We love our bigmama's! Yes
  • yaninaolivarez08Love the dress but not on her you would have rock the dress better piranha
  • dvamyhs⚠️WIDE LOAD⚠️
  • zarianneeKmsl!!! @dvamyhs
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