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Another one for my new tag, #lookingdownatcircles! If you'd like, join along in the tagging fun — but try to stay on topic, please! 😜⚫️⚪️🔴🔵
  • piccolotakesallMultiple Undos
    Another one for my new tag, #lookingdownatcircles! If you'd like, join along in the tagging fun — but try to stay on topic, please! 😜⚫️⚪️🔴🔵

  • stilldexiDiscovered you from your Instagram feature - I could easily fave every one of your photos! Beautiful stream! :)
  • piccolotakesall@_marinafalcao Haha. Yep! Indeed! 😉
  • piccolotakesall@ilequack Thanks, Ile. 🙏
  • piccolotakesall@stilldexi Thanks, Dina! That's so nice of you to say! I'm really glad you stopped by! 😃🙏🙏🙏
  • piccolotakesall@speeppola Hey, Laura — thanks!!! It's been crazy town here!!! How do you keep up with 10k followers??? 😁
  • bmjaworskiCongrats on the feature- love this shot!
  • piccolotakesall@bmjaworski Thanks so much! You too! Ours kinda work together! 😉
  • kbastawow! they love you at IG HQ! (and rightfully so :) how many times have you been featured now? woohoo! congrats, ladycakes.
  • piccolotakesall@kbasta K, I can't tell you how surprised I was! When I got the notification last night!! 😂 This is my third time in all; but second time in 5 weeks! 😳😳😳😄 don't ask me how!!!
  • kbastaCrazy! Isn't it an avalanche when likes & follows roll in like that? :)
  • piccolotakesall@kbasta Absolute insanity!!! Isn't it like that for you every time you post??? I can't even imagine! 😁👋😩💦
  • kbastaIt's busy for about an hour or two for me after I post, then it quiets down considerably: used to be insane for a while there, but I'm no longer ever popular or featured / suggested, not for years. :) I can only imagine what it must be like for the mega-popular people like @brahmino & @5ftinf now!
  • piccolotakesall@kbasta Okay... That's not bad. I'm honestly afraid of becoming a suggested user! Hahaha. But I don't know if my page is "consistent" enough for that! 😂 phew. Hey, did you get one of the books from Instagram? I just got mine tonight! I'm trying to figure out how they decided who to send them to, and my only thought is people who they've featured/suggested. 😊
  • kbastaOh, it'll be a tsunami when you are on the SU list (which will surely happen some day...) I was on it for a while a few years ago - but that was when IG was small-ish, so it must be bonkers now that every teenager & business in the world has an IG acct. ;)
  • kbastaOh and yes! I did get a little book in the mail today. And pins! Thanks so much @Instagram. 😘🙏😘
  • waihong_teoCongrats
  • piccolotakesall@waihong_teo Thanks so much, Teo. 😊
  • stoptheroc✨Wonderful!✨
  • piccolotakesall@stoptheroc Thanks very much! I just loved this little collection of old pencils! 😄
  • shootermag👏👌👍👏
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