Immer & I start off the day in New Orleans by taking down 5lbs of boiled crawfish
  • countingcrowsImmer & I start off the day in New Orleans by taking down 5lbs of boiled crawfish

  • eileentcboh@mellypits had no idea they were coming!!! Oohhh
  • comiccrowAwwwwwwwww maaaaaaaaan. I want me some.
  • louisianachic@countingcrows A little Anna tomorrow night? 🙏🙏😍😍
  • socalsotexWaiting for you in Baton Rouge.... See you tomorrow night in Lake Charles...
  • hockeycowgirl42I will miss you down in New Orleans
  • mummawCome back to Australia crows!
  • nursejermRyman was beyond amazing! Thank you guys. See you down the road
  • mariaakabecMy 7 yr old daughter has just finally started to like CC music of course mr Jones is first played in the car then american girls..the other night I went to check on her before going to bed and playing in her mini stereo was recovering satellites album...I think the first live band Mali will see play will be so proud
  • mgpgramThanks for an amazing show tonight in Atlanta. Y'all never disappoint! Loved it :)
  • sleeezy_eI'll be at the show tomorrow in Charlotte and I would kill to hear Cowboys from Saturday Night & Sunday Mornings. Just in case you needed a song to add to the set list. @countingcrows No worries if not because you guys always kill it
  • sleeezy_eMy friend Joe Zullo was the driver and drum tech on the Ben Folds tour with Jim and Millard back in the day. He works for the local union that sets up the shows but didn't get the show call for you guys. He said he may stop by to see his boys and I know it would mean the world to him. I know how you guys care about your fans so I just wanted to give a heads up. Not sure if you'll see this or not. You guys are awesome!
  • cassie905I was the youngest one in the crowd at the Pittsburgh concert. I had a great time. Despite all the drama and fighting lol... I'm definitely going to see you again in concert. (:
  • lunariiian@countingcrows I came to see you last night in Pittsburgh but I've been having recurring anaphaltyic attacks and I had a severe one last night and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. My brother who wss there told me later right after I left you guys played a song called 'hospital'. Haha it gave me a much needed reason to smile.
  • dandelionnecklaceyour music has helped me through so much and I love you guys so much. I probably wouldn't be alive without your music
  • nyhilsI see you!
  • iluvabnemDoes immer have an Instagram? 😧
  • thestampedetrailYou know what's better than boiled crayfish? Having my good pal @jackcarty support you on your next tour of Oz
  • iceydogandquinnLoved y'all's Raleigh, NC show!! It was great!! Hope y'all come back to NC soon!! Can't wait for the new album!! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
  • mommamalbecThanks for fun nite in AC! Love going to your 'sing alongs' waiting for the album. Happy Summer
  • lilly_ann_marie123It's ok I've had it before it's just hard to Crack kinda annoying
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