So cool... Riding in an ambulance, which is my car for today.
  • amyvandykenSo cool... Riding in an ambulance, which is my car for today.

  • nitza_29You have butterflies all over!!! I love it... Wishing you only the best ❤️
  • the_tat2miaBe Safe, stay motivated as You are an Inspiration to so many. God Bless and know prayers are with you
  • the_new_christinaSay hi to my friend Mike from Wyoming. He's at Craig Hospital.
  • c_murph3695So inspirational. I'm loving your positive outlook. Stay strong. ❤
  • christine_schwender@amyvandyken you are so amazing and such an inspiration! Your smile says a million words. Continuing to pray for your speedy recovery. Xo
  • cdm76Looking good!!! Safe travels!!
  • jen_m1118Your sprit is an inspiration, Amy!! Keep smiling and stay strong!! 👍
  • brody_brodinskiAmy, keep being an inspiration for those who need your positive vibe. This physical therapist will be watching from Florida and I expect I will see nothing short of miraculous perseverance!!! Best wishes to you
  • mtgrizLove you positive attitude in the face of adversity. You are an inspiration to many. God Bless you and keep the faith!
  • prlandonlove your positive attitude, you will continue to go far in your recovery!
  • ddelloroYou are amazing and an inspiration!
  • bubbiepearlBest to you on the next step of your journey.
  • flygirl188You look wonderful!!
  • ultimatestamina@amyvandyken you are amazing, I was hit by a car and temporarily paralyzed, fused now and have had 5 spine surgeries
  • ultimatestamina.... I have a nonprofit for spine injury research and treatment for injuries ... You got this and you are in my prayers
  • emma__katherine___mrs. vandyken, you are such an inspiration and I hope you get better soon!!!! love you amy❤️❤️❤️
  • masommerfeld1975I don't think a word has been invented yet to describe you and the strength you have shown in the past week and a half. I know that there will be tears and difficult days ahead for you. Today you are inspiring people with injuries & illnesses in ways you never thought you would(including myself). We are thanking God when we see you smile and laugh, and cry and pray for better days when we see your pain and tears. I'm grateful that you are being candid with followers showing that anything can happen to anybody at any time. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you begin the difficult task of PT and this unexpected chapter in your life.
  • asporkandfoonTo see you on the NBC was on at work and not a soul in the room had a dry eye, not out of sympathy but for your courage and spirit that moved us all. Best of luck and prayers for your recovery, Amy!!! @amyvandyken
  • zino_momGood luck in your recovery. We know u will work hard and have great results!!!!
  • oldschool1946I love the look in your eyes. 💊 💉
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