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  • thekristynburttWant some inside scoop on Season 18 of #DWTS? This is REALLY interesting. WOW!

  • thekristynburtt@echofifth About 15 takes and a glass of champagne. 😉
  • echofifth@thekristynburtt I love it!
  • thekristynburtt@lovelypetam Can you imagine if these partnerships played out? S18 would have looked/felt much different.
  • nareah43Awesome info! Thanks for sharing :)
  • kakrn97Interesting! Thanks for the scoop Kristyn! ❤️😘
  • makebawilsonNice. Sean is a fan of the show? And he only wanted to dance with Karina? Hmmm. I wonder what Bruce Jenner was filming? Hmmmm
  • thekristynburtt@emm517 Bruce was filming #KUWTK. Family vaca in Thailand, episode coming this season on E!
  • makebawilsonHmmm ok. Thanks
  • janngrayMmmm... very inteResTing! And they still treated Sean that way after he stepped in to help them out!?! Wow! Love 15 seconds of DWTS scoop!
  • myhappeeplaceLol that was so funny!
  • eftuggleI don't get why Sean Avery was a MUST HAVE in the first place.
  • majenrnHi Kristyn! Cool info! Guess who?
  • georgia_brWOW!!!! Only you to give us this kind of scoop!!!! Loved it, but what I love more was how the couples really finished pairing. :) Miss ya, Kristin! Cant't wait for DWTS 19
  • putuincespencePeta & Charlie? That would have been bad.
  • thekristynburtt@putuincespence I know. Season would have played out completely different.
  • thekristynburtt@majenrn Hi Betsy! Are you in disguise on Insta? 😉
  • putuincespence@thekristynburtt Agreed. Reminds me of the great partner shuffle of season 11, when Edyta was supposed to be w/Rick and it created all sorts of problems when she quit abruptly. But it gave us Kyle & Lacey, so I'm glad it happened :-)
  • fallinlight29Great scoop! But then why didn't Peta just stay w Charlie? If Sean insisted on Karina, then Sharna goes to James & that's it. So what else was going on for it to be a 3-way switch, hmm? ;-)
  • thekristynburtt@putuincespence I forgot all about that! It's fascinating how the domino effect can play out. @morningtheft29 I'm sure personalities, height, story lines all were considered in the shuffle.
  • mariannepd@carolinnepd
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