Ingredient obsession: avocados! What's your #favorite #recipe to make with them?
  • betterhomesandgardensIngredient obsession: avocados! What's your #favorite #recipe to make with them?

  • eeanewtonMe too! Love avocados
  • atlastchrisMalt - mushroom (roasted), avocado,lettuce and tomato sandwiches!
  • 7etcetcLove them just the way God gave them to us. Yum!
  • wellflouredegg baked inside
  • locmamaRoasted red peppers, avocado, & melted fontina on sourdough. Yummy!
  • lixagirlDiced with milk and sugar (quick recipe) or made into ice cream with condensed milk and frozen!
  • elvie2655Avocado egg rolls yum
  • stacyselvaGuacamole!
  • terismythTurkey avocado on Challah bread
  • fabeverydayblogA good guac! Or just eating them straight!
  • cindry7@kmart5786
  • emmylou307Four ingredients a can of chick peas one avocado two green onions chopped and some lemon juice along with some fresh pepper! Mash the peas and avocado add the onion and the others and serve on nam bread with a sliced Tomatoe! Delicious!
  • debaradosYum! I Love avocados!!!
  • dlk55Subway has Avocados!!!
  • lizzies164Who needs a recipe? Just half it, pit it, and eat it :-)
  • lindseyofthelivingCucumber and avocado soup! (chilled) sooo delicious! ^_^
  • christinaccc22113Avocado on toast
  • slim_shady_afTo just eat it!(:
  • cherd1980I love avocados...paired with a nice crusty bread, straight up, guacamole, on sandwiches and in salads. I could eat them all day, every day!
  • sunburstjewels💛☀️
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