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  • cavaticaTo the guy who just threw me the universal sign for cunnilingus.

  • un_jengibreSuperb!
  • stainless1121Good for you not taking his shit. It's guys like that who make me want to live in a cave far from other people.
  • jailhousegreenThe perfect response. Well done
  • coffupfurballWell done.. some guys think that it so awesome n cool to do it. My question is what would happen if someone like him doing that does it to his gf, wife or even his children? Specially if he has daughters.!! 😒 bet the reaponse would be so different hey?
  • samuelk97Maybe you misinterpreted the scene. Maybe he was like, "Man, that cruller was messy. I have sugar glaze between my fingers...gotta like them off---oh shit, that girl in the next car thinks I was being rude!"
  • cavaticaJust throwing it out there that while I took this video in my car, the douchecanoe in question accosted me from HIS car while I was standing on a street curb. I walked up to his passenger side when he was forced to wait at a stop light, and stood there staring at him waiting for a response. He looked straight ahead and hightailed it out of there the second the light turned green.
  • cavatica@samuelk97 🍩🍩👍
  • cmpinkAwesome response. Loved it
  • cvangorderSome guys are just plain declasse.
  • rstipatiCoward is exactly the right word. Most bullies are cowards.
  • dwarren_bukaOkay, so maybe I am a freak, but I was being berated by a female driver in the car next to mine for some imagined infraction. She was on my driver's side shouting at me and flipping me the bird. I simply looked over and slowly licked my window. I hope she learned a lesson. Sometimes creepiness can be a tool for good. I recognized her as a human being and as an asshat.
  • limeafraidHaha. Brilliant!
  • doxyloxy*applauds* I was directed here from Wil Wheaton's blog and thought "Holy shit! I remember her from the old Kitchen Table days!" You won't remember me. Keep being badass!
  • cavatica@doxyloxy WHOA! I might remember you! What handle did you use on the KT?
  • emkfeministAmazing!! *virtual high five*
  • doxyloxy@cavatica it's been so long, I think it might have been either smouse or bluehoot.
  • cavatica@doxyloxy Smouse! I DO remember that name!
  • doxyloxy@cavatica Glad to see you're spunky as ever and doing well! Mind if I follow?
  • cavatica@doxyloxy By all means!
  • cwolf20Bull crap on the compliment. Any guy who does that isn't looking for a classy lady. Nor is he a gentleman. The sign is grouped right up there with wolf whistles and drunken "WHOO HOO" from college students right before they slam into the car in front of them while yelling at the lady who is completely ignoring them
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