We break down the chaos in Iraq tonight #hannity #fnc
  • seanhannityWe break down the chaos in Iraq tonight #hannity #fnc

  • joshuasanftnerVery informative, thank you Hannity Team!
  • bigaljoker1955Bottom line Sean, Ovomit is an idiot and I fear we will be attacked again in the US, and 9/11 will have looked like a cake walk compared to what will happen !
  • house_house_house6🚨🚨Sean can you ask Bill O'Reilly to get an Instagram account please. Please respond if you see this thank you🚨🚨
  • anarchyluis#outstanding @seanhannity 👍
  • flipsorryncandyI swear to god every person who watches this guy is a far-right Christian and has an extremely poor IQ.
  • mossdavPoor IQ, you mean zero IQ. You have to be reaaly dumb to listen and belive this racist asshole. This chaos you are talking about, you created it by bombing the whole country and kiling civilians and US soldiers for no reasons. Do you think about those who lost their loved ones. Probably not you just dont care. Your voice has consequences, before you influence people you should think. Every life matters. You dont send your kids or loved ones to war. Its someone else's.
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