Check out the San Andreas Alternative News #GTAV fan-fiction project by Bronxjackass:
  • rockstargamesCheck out the San Andreas Alternative News #GTAV fan-fiction project by Bronxjackass:

  • msh8i11Thanks for the update ♥♥♥♥♥
  • luc_d2002Heist comes out today
  • zetavvyAnd whats the new update is about you didnt fix the infinite loading nor the freezing problem while playing.You know why people using glitches thats why you simply dont care about your games.
  • rabbugsbunnyPlease next update we can turn signal when driving
  • _realmax_Ware coming gta V for pc ?
  • psychoswordsWhat the fuck is this rockstar? Instead of heists you give us some dumbass hipster bullshit that no one can afford unless they buy money. That's fucked. Right now call of duty ghosts looks better than this steaming pile of dog shit you call a game.
  • rip.exe@psychoswords the update is great and you can buy and upgrade trevors blazer and i like the new cars they look good when they are stanced. @rockstargames
  • kvng__gloWats in the update @stay.stanced
  • rip.exeLook at my at my home user. @sneaker__headxx
  • kvng__gloI see its awesome @stay.stanced
  • v8brony@psychoswords whoops dropped meh phone HAIL YEA I'd 5-up if I could. We want heists, but R* is probably working on it and probably had been for a while. I do programming work myself and it isn't as easy as it looks, and programming heists alone, much less for multiple players must be difficult.
  • psychoswords@john_stcyr I know programming is hard. Heists have been done for a long time. this is their way of punishing us for hacking the game. What should they expect when the jobs are boring and everything is super expensive.
  • v8brony@psychoswords lol true but people who just are assholes in game and go around killing people (me) don't need punishment. I killed someone with a bounty only to find out about the DNS BS and BOOM; all that money plus $20 worth in in game money gone. Pisses me off.
  • its.jonathan__WTF why can't I download and play how can I fix it
  • arb7711can you add emotes for story mode
  • its.jonathan__This update is shit it messed up my game wtf
  • gta_instamaticFaDe WarZ0ne sent you a friend request
  • kennyout3Fav gta v photo of all time
  • joonasmarcusHelo im teresa fidalgo
  • roscoefriedchickenOh dear god it's return of the rat meat my boy! @max32102
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