• dlanceblackI'm usually good with words. There are none to describe this loss. I will always love you mom.

  • larissa_stone14Keep strong xx
  • tomibran*hugs* I'm so sorry
  • _rebeccaa_hThere's nothing that can make this better but I'm so sorry thinking of you and your family 💜
  • bruce.2020She must have been so proud of you and your siblings. Thoughts with all of you.
  • hinasonwangI'm sorry . ;(
  • black_veil_brides_15I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm certain she was proud of who you grew up to be. Sending loads of love to you and your family xx
  • brianequalitybrownXoxo deeply sorry hugs
  • crowned_reyStay strong love ❤️
  • nate_reevesSo sorry Lance.
  • charlottelholdSo sorry for your loss. You and your family will be in my thoughts.
  • marce522Your mom was a true beauty and made such a great family. Sorry for your loss buddy
  • q_seb_vaughanI aint gonna say sorry for your loss cause i never understood that saying. What i will say is this: i know how it feels to lose someone so close to you and im sure many of these people here do as well. We know how it feels and on behalf of all of us i want to say. She will always be with you wether you see her or not, in your heart and your mind and ours. As long as there are people to remember you by, you are never truly passed. Remember that Mr. Black . May she rest in peace. @dlanceblack
  • georgie_w_81Words could not describe how I would feel had this been my mother. Nothing anyone can say can make this any better or easier, but here's a poem anyway "Things I feel most deeply
    Are the hardest things to say
    Dearest Mum, I loved you
    In a very special way.
    If I could have one lifetime wish
    One dream that could come true
    I'd pray to God with all my heart
    For yesterday and You"
  • greenhotdogsIt's hard to find the words to truly express sympathy for a persons loss. Most of the words don't help and from personal experience they never did with me. Time is the only true healer but even that itself doesn't fully heal a person. It was a pleasure to hear you speak of her in San Francisco as the guest speaker at the community college graduation. She was a special lady and she will always be with you. Reach out to the people who you love and care for and is reciprocated back to you. Sorry for your loss once again. :/
  • mss455She's so beautiful ... My kind thoughts toward you and your family!
  • emdelilahWow i don't what to say but im very sorry for your loss *hugs*
  • rpardo1554Beautiful lady. Today at temple as I was saying the Kaddish for my Dad I thought about your loss, Lance, and your kind words when my dad died in July. I then said the Kaddish for your mom. Hope you are good.
  • rpardo1554The Kaddish is a prayer that praises God and expresses a yearning for the establishment of God's kingdom on earth. The emotional reactions inspired by the Kaddish come from the circumstances in which it is said: it is recited at funerals and by mourners, and sons are required to say Kaddish for eleven months after the death of a parent.
  • rabra14Beautiful picture @dlanceblack !
  • juliojaramillo2@dlanceblack how beautiful she was 😊
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