• rundustinWith all of your donations ($11k+), and spreading the word, Steve-O got his ambulatory flight to Indiana just in time for Father's Day. Steve-O is a 12 time KONA ironman who has terminal brain cancer. He had a bad month and it was time to bring him home from treatment in Florida but he could not fly commercial and would not make it through a drive that long, but he needed to be with his family. Steve-O is an inspiration to us all. He reminds us to NEVER give up, Be Relentless, and keep moving forward no matter what. Tonight, in honor of Steve, and his 12 KONA races, I ran 12 miles for him. It's gonna also take 12 Ironmans for me to get to KONA. So Steve and I are connected by that powerful number 12. I love ya Steve! Happy Fathers Day Brother. #Cancer #Livestrong #Ironman #NeverGiveUp #NEGU #BeRelentless #RacingforSteveO #ImKona

  • ang_e_lina__Absolutely love this! You. Are. Awesome! Happy Father's Day to you both. #loveit #x12
  • rundustin@ang_e_lina__ thanks girl. He is one hell of a special guy. His children got to be with him today. It's cool when social media land makes dreams come true. Makes all this worth it.
  • ang_e_lina__Most definitely. I couldn't agree more. So happy they got to be together ❤️
  • appleseed_moonbeam🙌✨
  • pineywoodsrunnerSo happy he is home!
  • dangithoopsHe deserves to be home with his family by his side. Dustin you are awesome!
  • cesilvamHappy Father's day brother 👍👊💪
  • gochisrunsHappy Father's Day!
  • robcc1979Hey @rundustin just read this post and a few others of yours and found them hugely moving and motivational. I'm taking on my first Ironman in Zurich in less than two weeks and will think of you and Steve-o for the extra boost. Well done buddy.
  • rundustin@robcolwill79 Rob, thank you for the kind words sir. You are going to do great I just know it. Believe.. Never give up.. 💪👍❤️
  • robcc1979You're very welcome buddy @rundustin I shall believe and I WILL cross that line! Watch this space... 🏊🏻🚴🏃🏻🏆
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