Out fishing with my son on Father's Day
  • apollonida03Out fishing with my son on Father's Day

  • darryldamnBruh this Darryl from the dville arena come to uptown comedy corner and watch me do my thang homie..I do comedy, im hosting.
  • dirtydi247Fine ass
  • surfboardinonuSo fine
  • just_alil2much_😘😊😍
  • justcallme_kc_26@apollonida03 hey lf u need a friend to talk to only a friend im here ill write you everyday
  • dstillmatic_1I didn't see his son in any of these pictures lol
  • radgal_ejHook me up with a brother or cousin Apollo lol love you and Phay though ✌ ✌ ✌
  • obatala8888Da facial hair look good on u sir
  • rehabqueen77Where the pic of your son?
  • toothemax711Prayers go to u and ur family. I hate that things w/ur marriage may not sustain through this tough time. I met and married my husband in prison and 9 yrs later still going strong. No it wasn't easy to travel that road every weekend for 3 years but I did it happily bc of the love/bond. I hope u make it through and out on top. Some ppl see the bad now but when u come out on top don't leave any room in ur life. Real ppl/friends hold u down they the REAL shit and this is one. Much love and respect @apollonida03
  • laylah3000So fine
  • tomiko_rachalSexy ass
  • miss_nisha_sexy_lipsI want u
  • ineedtaymarie@pardonmyfaith he took a fathers days pick without his kid lol
  • pardonmyfaithUmmm. Lol! @pardonmycrown
  • trukennedy@eness08 @itwaskiki28 👆
  • quadonnaYea right where is your son. There is something weird about the look in his eyes. He has some deep troubles.
  • cicelybetahblieveitturnerPollo I can feel yo pain my brotha!! Phaedra aint bout shit!!! Yu dnt need no bitch like dat!! Thats wen yu find out whos fa ya wen yu dwn on yo ass...! Keep yo head up bruh...Divorce dat Duck mouf Bitch!!
  • wnytammy@quadonna I'm interested in checking out what type of products you have :) do you have a website or a Facebook page where I can "Shop around" ?? :-)
  • princesstxoSo kuute💖
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