Happy Father's Day old man!!!!!
#saltnpepperbeard #barracuda #bigLes
  • bssmith2Happy Father's Day old man!!!!!
    #saltnpepperbeard #barracuda #bigLes

  • oskargyllingKing
  • myakhniBig Lester!
  • ivywoolforddid u recently lose a white iphone 5 c
  • rwgraphics🚨🚨👉 SPORTS DESIGNS👈🚨🚨
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  • angie_munHappy Birthday!
  • scottnoah07Watching you play tonight smith. We are the team in the red jerseys bud. Those are the guys you're supposed to pass to.
  • jrich0009Unfortunately I missed out on amazing opportunity today. I go to law school at MSU and today the Council of Graduate students sent an email out saying that the Red Wings gave them two free tickets to a meet and greet this week and the first person to respond could have them. I was the second to respond :( it sucks so badly because although I don't know that much about hockey and I'm not from Michigan, my girlfriend is from here and she has played hockey her entire life and absolutely is a DIE HARD red wings fan. She lives and breathes the wings, and I'm really sad that in a span of two minutes I missed out on giving my girlfriend the one thing she would want more than anything in the world, so my last hope was to get on here and see if any of her favorite players could help me make her the happiest girl in the world. She's my life and she treats everyone so kind, she deserves to be able to just meet you guys. But regardless, you guys are amazing and we will be at the Montreal game next weekend :)
  • tendy_edits_hky🚨🚨Tendy edits new page would be great if you could follow!
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