• kitgrid"What do you mean the French lunch place doesn't have Mexican cokes. I want the refresco"

  • donkeylabelDude looks like he can roll. Not exactly a slouch dude. Bulk of the series
  • kitgrid@donkeylabel we rolled out with the B group and we sat in. He climbed anglers in the big ring and snapped his chain. Then on the way back about 10 miles out somebody yelled "let's go Pops!" I was fine. We were rolling at Tempo. He jumped and off we went into the paceline. So, when Big Ed says go. You go. We rolled in with the fast group.
  • mfszymanskiOh, like that time he said, "Let's go ladies" on the the overpass at National Airport?
  • kitgrid@mfszymanski holy shit, or what about the time we we're join and all of the sudden he shoots past us like a rocket laughing his ass off. Caught us sleeping
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