My little man. He doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be mommies helper. #puppylove
  • amyvandykenMy little man. He doesn't know it yet, but he's going to be mommies helper. #puppylove

  • zaley_designsThe best kind! #womansbestfriend Keep it up girl :)
  • grandmaspoils3_@amyvandyken I know he'll be a great helper, as long as snacks are available 😄
  • marileeharrisAmy there is so much new technology out there you will be up and faster then any of us! Wait and see!
  • roger_sorensenHow lucky you are to have such a helper. Between Tom & him you will be in good hands. Wishing you the best of luck in your recovery. We love ya!
  • 2sharegiftsglendaleazKeep believing keep the faith and stay strong. I wish you well and keep you in my thoughts.
  • kirstencomptonHe's beautiful. You're blessed to have eachother.
  • holly05smithThinking of you, you candothis!!
  • heatherleigh906You are incredible. My thoughts and prayers are with you
  • roxilee66Beyond cute !🐶 prayers to all of you.
  • lisaoffnerGooBoy!
  • nitza_29❤️
  • airnmnAnd I'm sure he will be great cause you can see the love there. @amyvandyken
  • asayc12He is so handsome !!!!!!
  • ashlepakI loveee labs.
  • raymann_gHe looks sad:-( Confused?? Where's my mommy?
  • amyvandyken@raymann_g he was REALLY confused before he came to the hospital a few days ago.. Now, he's doing much better
  • theblakegrimes@amyvandyken I DM'd you a video on here, when you get a chance
  • marileeharrisHow old is he! God knew you would make a great Team!!
  • creativculinaryI'm local Amy; kids went to Creek and am now in Castle Rock. Also a food blogger. Need cookies? Hit me up and I'll be there. Take good care sweetie; you are much loved.
  • tita66And he will be happy to be your helper! Praying for you Amy!
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