My first transfer to a wheel chair is complete.  I was boot scooting all over the halls.
  • amyvandykenMy first transfer to a wheel chair is complete. I was boot scooting all over the halls.

  • kelly1440Amazing!! You are truly an inspiration to each and everyone of us!
  • abbymanxAwesome!
  • roxilee66You are truly incredible !
  • fawnchanetteAwesomeness spilled all over the place! I simply love your attitude! You're going to kick life's ass and come out running. I feel it in my bones. xoxoxo
  • flygirl188Wonderful!!! I see the smile on your face and the determination in your eyes and it shows me that I can do anything!! Thanks for showing me that!!
  • joana_daniela84Your hair looks great! Dang those nurses look after you ;)
  • taraymurrayAmazing strong attitude!! You will heal great with that attitude. God Bless!!
  • raymann_gKeep on smiling. Your giving off huge energy!
  • raymann_gG'night Sweetie. Rest in comfort. My Prayers to you tonight. Love ya♥
  • jwminorNice outfit, glad to see you up and out of bed, keep it going.
  • clar75You go girl! ❤️
  • timbnurseI am sending you positive thoughts!! I am a nurse so I hope those nurses are taking good care if you!!
  • andyv94Keep that great attitude!!👏👏👍
  • oidreamGood to see you up and around! Keep up the good work. Stay strong. ❤
  • grector7120 years a para, life is good. 😎👍You are doing great!
  • paige_olneyWhat damage did your injury do? I have had 6 full spine surgeries and the last one was for a complete break in my lower back. I have severe chronic pain (especially in cold weather or moisture in the air) and some nerve damage. You look great and I am glad to see you smiling..... you seem to be a strong person and I wish you all the best :) your a wonderful role model for injury come back... thank you for sharing your pics and journey.
  • steven_kaye_1Don't know you but proud of you..when in doubt, knock' email out!
  • amyvandyken@paige_olney I had a sever to my chord at t-11 the x-ray was unbelievable.. Only less that 1mm away from my aorta. Broken ribs on both sides, brused lungs, also have injury to t-13 but no need for surgery.. Yeah! And a concussion.
  • the_tat2miaYou're such an inspiration, may God Bless You Always
  • hannah_tsayOh my gosh you are such a brave person .... I'm going through possible shoulder injuries right now and its so frustrating... To see you go through all this with your head held high is truly amazing. @amyvandyken
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