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  • billcosbyFather's Day #AskMeAnything

  • mercyy.benzDaddy cosby
  • zeki.iyikanHello bill 😉
  • mingleeahheruniverse007#iloveyou so much ✔️✅🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
  • jc9428We love you Mr. Cosby!!!! Always!!!❤️🌺
  • alyap__@melprobablyhatesyou
  • passionduffyI love you sooo much. Keep your faith. You still have work to do. Don't give up. Please
  • different.videosFree Bill cosby!!!!!! If he raped people then why did they take so long to come out and tell people?????? They should have said something before......
  • bossy_krissyThey're so scared of us they try to destroy our accomplishments 💜
  • shocker757Internet are little kids who make jokes but know nothing about bill. I really hope they leave him alone in his last fee years.
  • shocker757*few
  • thickk_mami_@shocker757 totally agree with u 💯 makes me upset ppl keep bothering him
  • st33zguodofficialFree Bill Cosby
  • wwejerichoAYE
  • king_aidann#freebillcosby
  • thapsychoboy#FreeCosby💯✔
  • lostmustang1972#freecosby
  • marcello_canalesIf not keep on going
  • joni_rayeCool
  • norawashington50Wow!! Mr. Cosby, I really miss the Cosby Show. God Bless you Mr. Cosby:) hold your head up and keep on living. I never believed any of the racist and false allegations against you. If any of that mess were true, it would have reached the media before 50 or 65 years after the fact… You come from a generation of white bigots that if you walked across the street wrong they would have thrown you in jail. I don’t believe for a second all these white ladies would have allowed you to abuse them and let you get away with this abuse for so many years when we all that the court system was made only for them. Your show made black Americans feel good about their families and it also encouraged young black children to attend college and achieve success. Stay blessed my favorite stand-up comedian and magnificent, brilliant actor… Continue to stay strong…
  • milesgoldman_@finn_mcsweeney he's innocent look how nice of a guy he is
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