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  • danjpalmer#lapd drone getting taken out of the sky by exuberant #lakings fans! Hilarious. Almost as a big of a cheer as the win itself! #stanleycup #losangeles #downtownla

  • chanclaiden@marlenem08
  • austin_bianco@lawlangie @jacobpanzarella
  • kepleyyes! waste your own money!
  • ktamas77i doubt it was a lapd drone. this is a very popular, easy to fly drone, a dji phantom. probably someone tried to make a few good shots of the celebration, and now very sad to see that people broke his toy. if you'd use a 12 feet tall pole with a camera on the top and would walk around with that to get some better angle shots, it's basically the same thing. people just too scared of new, disruptive technologies. if you really concerned about surveillance, then don't go to the street at all, because those military grade satellites up in the sky could see everything in so fine details in realtime 24 hours a day you probably couldn't even imagine, since decades.
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  • gnewphotog@dungstar what is that?
  • stilmotionpictureNot cool.
  • arugowskiThis is totally not an LAPD Drone... whoever threw shit at it just wrecked someones $900 drone, that probably had a GoPro and giro on it, another $500. I'm sure it was just a photographer or videographer trying to get an awesome shot of the crow after winning. Way to be total douchebags everyone that threw something.
  • arugowskiFor those interested... http://www.amazon.com/DJI-Phantom-Quadcopter-Transmitter-Frequency/dp/B00JFBAT56/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1402805472&sr=1-1&keywords=dji+phantom+2
  • danjpalmerA) we don't know if it was wrecked and b) people had been throwing stuff at it for 10 minutes then it flew right to the middle and dropped 10 feet, inviting the onslaught
  • chippercheeseWow. What a set of absolute cunts.
  • uhrmeenHi there. I work for rumble.com, a video placement partner of Yahoo and MSN. We are interested in licensing your video and pay you for that. If you are interested, email me at armin@rumble.com so I could explain you the details. Thanks.
  • visualizeceaselol, LAPD drone my ass. I got one of these. I feel bad for the photographer who was just trying to get some unique shots of the crowd.
  • weapons_grade_humanity@j_kweenz L.A. shit
  • mblitchLaps? Wow you are an idiot. These are very common hobby aircraft. The pilot was an idiot for operating so close to people, but the humans on the ground were even more stupid for throwing things at a flying device with four propellers. That is just criminally stupid. So the pilot it a moron, the crowd is full of morons, and the person thinking something like this belonged to the laps is just a paranoid idiot. All around fail.
  • danjpalmer@mblitch I was purely going on what id been told. My caption to this video has no tone of paranoia. I wouldn't care if it was the LAPD, but as you say, most likely someone looking for good shots.
  • whatisyourverse@mblitch wow, your vagina is so sandy.
  • mr.trystan_sandiegoThat was some event attendee's DJI Phantom that was taken out, NO ONE in the LAPD flies these small consumer grade phones. It had a gopro on it... There is no reason for anyone in LAPD flying these low grade, "useless for police work" drones. That's a several thousand dollar "aerial photography" tool that was wasted by a bunch of idiots who instantly cry "spies! Cops! Government" anytime they see something they don't understand....
  • danjpalmerAs my previous comment stated, I was posting this as it was humorous. Not as anti government message! The drone could well be fine, someone in the crowd most likely caught it. @lordsnod
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