I did Crossfit with this man the day of my accident. Later that night HE saved my life as my first responder. #MyAngel #CrossfitShowLow
  • amyvandykenI did Crossfit with this man the day of my accident. Later that night HE saved my life as my first responder. #MyAngel #CrossfitShowLow

  • midgenrdThere are really angles all around us!
  • lisaoffnerPerfecto!
  • hoonanea4Looking good Amy! 💜 Swim Kauai 🌴☀️🌺
  • lucklimesUglyyyyyyyy
  • scirecoveryprojectKeep it up. #hardwork
  • raymann_gThank you Sir. Without you there would have been less sunshine in the world.
  • mamajan69Awesome. ..and very handsome !!
  • hehamiGlad for heroes in this world. Hope you guys do crossfit again.
  • alyssa_vaethAll of us are sending prayers and love your way! Being able to work out with you and meet such an amazing lady was our blessing!! You really are such an inspiration Amy! And yes DJ is an amazing angel and glad he was there for you 😘
  • the_fujStay strong Amy. God Bless you and your athletic background will surely help you stay strong though this all.
  • macrok12Way to go! He's handsome😘
  • livinlimeGreat attitude. Sending prayers and good thoughts to you for your recovery.
  • gatsby_and_cyndyWow that gives me chills.
  • amyvandykenI wasn't going to give his name for privacy sake, but DJ Brimhall is not only an angel, he it one of the top Crossfitters in the country.
  • _izzy_t_@amyvandyken Although I haven't met you, I can see what a bright and shining light you are through the pictures that I see. Dj is the most amazing man I have ever met, and I am so grateful for him everyday for so many reasons. I am gratefully that he was there for you that day. I pray that your road to recovery is filled with hills that reside in the sun that are easy to climb. You're an inspiration and I heard you will make the best damn lemonade out of these lemons😉 keep your head up high, keep up the fight💪, and get well!!!
  • mandylowry1Aren't those TLSO braces awesome? Lol. I just wanted to tell you it was an honor to meet you and talk for the short times we did. Like the nurses assistant said " sounds like a sorority party in Amy's room!" Haha. Can't wait to see your newest ink addition and for you to come back and say hi. You have influenced more people than you'll ever know.
  • debihoward1@amyvandyken angels everywhere been praying for you. Keep up the fight
  • wallace_3781It's not over, you're not done yet. Get well soon and tread lightly from now on. In hoc signo vinces(In this sign you shall conquer)!
  • josephledford777Amy I was in your shoes in December. Bruised my spinal cord falling on ice and was paralyzed but thanks to surgery, rehab and the good Lord, I am walking again. Was in rehab center for 2 months and had dark moments, but I made it and you can too. Prayers.
  • shawnalynnzWe crossfitters are all family! You are inspiring!
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