• chrischristieYou guys work here?

  • knick_knack_paddywhackSo jealous you met @sherylsandberg she's so inspirational!
  • sunflower5419#lookinggoodgov
  • realnicemikeHello Sir. If you become President what will be your administration's #1 priority? Hypothetically speaking that is! 😊
  • barbkkaiserSure hope we see you on Dancing with the Stars next! You were great!
  • vpjoeybidenThe Facebook cafeteria will never be the same. #vpjoeybiden
  • darrenscrolls#zuckerburg @donnie__brasco @russellsprout @patrickpicasso
  • marcusismaelIt was great seeing you at Hoogasian's today, Governor!
  • ahkdiddyBest government ever my name is ahmaddiya tucker i from Newark NJ I live in orange New Jersey i a victim of stalking, torture @ attempted murder i could've die so many time @ I got sickle cell disease. My 2 brothers @ they friends stalking me @ torture me. I going to go to the fbi building in Newark NJ tomorrow I going to show them I my evidence. After I take care that. I would love to show u my ideas for my own smartphone @ tablet computer @ my own ideas for all driving riding flying items. Everybody love all my ideas everybody on Instagram love all my ideas I got over 1360 followers on my Instagram page all my followers love all my ideas they want my ideas to come out so bad. my ideas could save a lot of people life.
  • ahkdiddyBest government ever After I leave the fbi building in Newark NJ tomorrow I going to let u know what happen.
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